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Dr. Brian, Dog Veterinarian
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My dog keeps crying and holding his head to one side,I have

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My dog keeps crying and holding his head to one side,I have looked in his ear,but cant see anything.his ear is not red inside but it has a bit of a funny smell.

When did this start?
Does only the ear on the one side smell funny?
Any pain when moving his neck from side to side?
Any reluctance to jump up or use stairs?
Does he go out into fields or woods?
Is he shaking his head?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It started a few days ago,only the left ear smells funny,he is moving his neck but keeping his head lower,he can jump,no he only walks in the streets.Sometimes he wont try to shake his head.He his holding his head slightly to the left.

Sounds like an ear infection, could be inner ear but most are outer ear since there is a smell. These have the potential to rupture the eardrum spontaneously (most heal).
You should take him to your vet for evaluation, ear cleaning deep in the ear canal if needed, and necessary ear antibiotics. These can be both painful, and lead to other complications if not treated. I'm including a link to click on for additional information on ear infections. Best wishes.
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