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Susan Chambers
Susan Chambers, Dog care specialist
Category: Dog
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Experience:  20+ yrs helping people care for their dogs, 10 yrs vet. office manager,5 yrs pet loss & bereavement
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my dog ate a cooked chicken thigh bone (i dont think he even

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my dog ate a cooked chicken thigh bone (i don't think he even chewed it) 2 weeks ago. He's had diarrea for a couple of days now, he just threw up and he's pacing, panting and acting nervous. Thank you so much
Hi, well, that does not sound good I hate to tell you... chicken bones (cooked) are some of the worst offenders as they tend to splinter going thru.. even though two weeks has gone by he is still in danger of being affected by this bone.. I had a friend whose rottie ate a little latex squeaky toy, and threw it up whole two weeks later... so things can hang around in there if they are passing... a bone will break down with stomach acid enough to get thru into the intestines, but then do damage to the intestines. the signs of obstruction are vomiting, pacing and panting can be from pain.. is he refusing food or still interested in it.. I realize it is Sunday, but having had one of my dogs pass away from obstruction and one that did fine, I would highly recommend you take your dog to the vet - ER clinic if need be.. an x-ray will tell the story, and sometimes they do a barium series to see exactly where the bone is and if it is moving along at all with the possiblity of passing it on his own (which sometimes the barium itself helps with).. sometimes an obstruction takes a while to show itself as thing start to back up.. is he producing much stool (diarrhea now) and can he hold down any food? those are also sign of life threatening obstruction.. you don't want to wait on this, as i speak from experience of waiting to see if my dog would pass a piece of leather.. and he is the one that did not make it after the surgery because his intestines were already in such bad shape (and it was the hospital i worked for).. the other dog I had ate some stuffing from a dog toy.. the moment I saw him pacing and vomit bile and refuse food, he was on his way to the ER (these things seem to happen on weekends) he had his surgery at midnight on a Sunday, but recovered and did great (without his stuffed toys).. so if humanly possible.. I'd take my dog in - have them at least feel his stomach and do an xray at the very least.. thanks for caring Susan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Susan - Thank you for the fast response. Although it feels like Sunday...its Friday so my vet bill will be a little less :) He is sleeping now but has had a couple of days now where he's panting and then seems to be ok. He has eaten most of his dry food every day. He is straining to go to the bathroom and there isn't much that is coming out. Its just a small amount of diarrhea each time. It was this morning that he vomited and it was just bile.

oh geez - the holiday's really get to me.. sorry!!!! yes, it's Friday.. ;)... as the bone makes it way thru (and it's possible that it could pass) it could now be lodged in the many twists and turns of the feet of intestines (amazing how long it is).. the fact that he is straining without producing anything suggests an obstruction.. and vomiting bile.... not good... I would take him to the vet if he were my dog.. it's good that he is sleeping, many times at the worst of an obstruction, pacing and not being able to get comfortable is a real sign... but now that I know what day it is.... I would take him today to get a good idea of what is going on before it is Saturday night and you end up with a real emergency situation...   LIke I said he could pass it with discomfort.. the acid will eat away at it, but they do tend to splinter too which will get hung up or worse pierce the intestine.. which is really bad.. then you are talking horrible infection.... thanks for caring for him!!! and again, sorry about the wrong day thing.. Susan
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I just got an appt at 10:30 this morning Susan. Thank you so much for helping me understand what actually happens to a bone. I wasn't sure if it stayed in its original form, and the heck does a 4" bone come out?? So now I understand its passage through the intestines. Don't feel bad about thinking it was Sunday...I've been off and I thought it was Monday! Thank you again for your quick response and help with this. I felt I needed to take him to the vet but I feel more educated about it now and better prepared to talk to the vet :) Have a great weekend! I'm gonna bookmark this site and pass it on :)
Thanks! good luck with the vet's appointment - I hope all ends well and he is able to pass it.. having had a dog die from complications of the surgery (septic) and one that made it thru (he was 10) - I know how dangerous it can be and better safe than sorry is my mantra! you have a great weekend too!   Susan