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Pet dog is sick will not eat. Feels warm and vomiting. I can

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Pet dog is sick will not eat. Feels warm and vomiting. I can only get him to drink a little bit of water. What can I do to help him.

How old is he?


Any other health problems in the past?


Is he responsive to you?


Do you have a rectal thermometer to take his temperature?


How long has this gone on? Last time he ate? Last time vomited?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
He is 2 yrs. old. No health problems. He is responsive. no thermometer. has been about 3 days. vomit about 3hrs ago. If it helps our whole family had the flu.

Thanks for replying. Luckily, your family can't catch these types of illnesses from your dog, and your dog couldn't catch the family flu.


It may be difficult to treat at home if he continues to vomit or not eat. However, you can try as long as he isn‘t painful, pale, overly lethargic, bloated appearing, excessively panting, ate something toxic or unresponsive (which all require more immediate vet attention).


Wait another 7-8 hours before even offering food or anything by mouth, a bit longer if still vomiting. Then try giving some pepcid at a dose of 0.25mg per pound of body weight, as long as your dog has been fairly healthy otherwise (no liver/kidney disease or on heart medications). Then about 1/2 hr to 45 min after the pepcid, you can try very very small amounts of a bland food, like baby food (chicken or turkey flavors are good) or boiled chicken. Just about a tsp or so.


If able to hold down, try again in an hour this same amt. If doing ok, do this for a few hrs, then about 1/2 a meal amount for his next meal time. You can repeat the pepcid in 12 hours as well, if you feel it is needed (while the bland diet helps the most, the pepcid may help speed along the GI's settling).


If doing ok, keep on bland diet for a couple of days, the gradually switch back to normal food. If not able to hold down even the pepcid, he'll need a vet visit sooner than later, as injectable medications will be called for, and further diagnostics may be needed to see if this is more than just a stomach upset. Often antibiotics are needed for the bacteria that has built up in the GI tract.


Also, make sure he's drinking water or even some unflavored pedialyte the entire time so as not to dehydrate, but only small amounts offered at a time after fasting, and keep him away from extreme cold and heat and indoors while recuperating, except for short leash walks only to do his business.


Here's some more info about Pepcid:


If you need to go out to buy pepcid ac (famotidine being the generic name), try to pick up a digital thermometer (rectal) as well, to see if he is running a fever along with his nausea.


The only way to know for sure he is really warm internally is by taking your dog's temperature. You can buy any rectal thermometer from a pharmacy or grocery store; the digital ones are best as they are quick (usually 10 seconds or less), since many dogs will wiggle. Normal dog temps range from 100F to 102.5F (more active and smaller dogs usually at the higher end). Over 104 for extended time is an emergency requiring vet attention.


If running a fever, you can place washcloths or paper towels soaked in rubbing alcohol on the pads of the feet, let your dog lie on a cool surface like tile as opposed to carpeting or bedding, and/or give a cool (NOT cold) water bath, towel drying well afterwards. You don't want to cool them down too quickly as this can send them into shock. A fan nearby, but not blowing directly on them, is also a good idea. I would not do this without knowing he has a fever, as this could make his vomiting uncontrolled if not feverish.


Best of luck, hope your dog is better in no time!



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