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My Male Maltese has an enlarged heart. He is eleven years

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My Male Maltese has an enlarged heart. He is eleven years old and he has been sick for seven years. He has been on medicine all of these years. He is very sick now, they want to do a ultra sound. Can he live longer with care of is his time short.?
Can you help me with a decision.
I am sorry to hear about the heart condition.
Well, the ultrasound is likely being requested to determine the severity of the heart condition, and to have a better understanding as to the cause of the heart enlargement. For example, there can be heart valve problems versus problems with the heart muscle.
His ability to live longer really depends on the medications he is currently on. There are quite a few heart medications that become progressively more important dependent on how compromised the heart function. For example, if he has never gone into congestive heart failure and has never taken lasix (a diuretic), than his odds to continue living are good. Even pets that go into heart failure, can survive with proper medication and dosing.
I have included a link below that I think you will be very interested in reading.
Good LUck
Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

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