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Hi, my westie appears to be suffering from dry eye, he has

Resolved Question:

Hi, my westie appears to be suffering from dry eye, he has been diagnosed as having this but he goes, without any problems, for long periods. typically it usually starts up after grooming,it seems more like an allergy. I have previously used "golden eye" but also have Optimmune. Do you have any further advice, is Golden Eye acceptable to use ?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  LennyDVM replied 8 years ago.

Golden eye is an antibacterial eye ointment and is useful for minor infections. Optimmune contains cyclosporin, which helps stimulate tear production.


If your dog's problem is dry eye, the Optimmune should help increase tear production.


The antibacterial in Golden Eye is not useful for dry eye or for problems from allergies or irritation. Allergy and irritation should increase, not decrease tearing. The ointment base of any eye ointment can help sooth irritation from any cause and prevent evaporation of tears in dry eye. Artificial tears liquid or ointment do the same and may be enough if there is some tear production and the condition is not severe.


Dry eye is a chronic condition. Signs include chronic redness, a thick yellow-green discharge most noticeable in the morning or after a long nap and a film over the clear part of the eye. It gets worse over time and initial signs may be mild or intermittent.


The most common diagnostic test is the Schirmer tear test, which measures tear production. Absorbent strips are touched to the corner of the eye. Tears are soaked up by the strip. Marks on the strip indicate the amount of tears produced.


Let me know if you have follow up questions.



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