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Dr. Margo
Dr. Margo, Dog Veterinarian
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can you neuter your dog by banding. Like with farm animals.

Customer Question

can you neuter your dog by banding. Like with farm animals. Is it considered more humane or cruel?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Margo replied 8 years ago.


What problems have you had with your dog because of him not being neutered?


Dr. M

Expert:  Dr. Margo replied 8 years ago.


Being a mixed animal veterinarian I have banded my share of bulls. So I am familiar with what you are describing.


Anatomically bulls and dogs are not the same. If you look at a bull the testicles hang straight down. The spermatic cord/nerves/blood vessels are between the testicles and the bulls body. The sac itself narrows down around the vessels/cord/nerves between the testicles and the bull's body.


When you apply the band, the constriction pinches the nerve quickly (hopefully), stopping the pain. Constricting the blood supply will allow the testicles to die. The skin will also loose its blood supply and die. Slow death of the tissues allows the body to separate the dead tissue from live tissue without excessive bleeding.


Dogs testicles do not hang from their cords and vessels in a vertical position like the bull. They are kept in a flat (horizontal) position along the sheath of the penis. The cord/vessels/nerve are attached along the top of the testicles and cannot be separate out. The skin is as wide at the top as well as the bottom of the testicles. So almost any attempt to separate out the testicles and band them will meet with failure. The dogs testicles are much closer to their abdomens and the band can sometimes force the testicle back into their abdomen.


And do not be fooled this process is painful to any male animal. It is continued in food animals because it is inexpensive and can be done easily (if you don't count getting your head kicked at once in awhile) by anyone trained in the procedure.


I have seen dogs that have had this done. Some have gotten off easy with just an infection. Some have had to have additional surgeries to remove scar tissue, remove the missed testicle or try and reconstruct damage done by the band, to the penis and other close by structures. Some dogs die.


So please do not attempt this. Take your little guy to the veterinarian and have him neutered under anesthesia in a safe and humane manner.


If I can answer anything else please let me know.


Dr. M

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
have two males, they constantly pee or spray over each other. They are both smaller dogs. Pug and Shi zit su. We are having problems with them in the house. I believe they are spraying over each other more than peeing over each other. We had the pug and he has never peeed in the house until we got the shit zit su from my sister in law. the shi zit su was never house trained, she just cleaned up after him. I have been working with him on house training. They both go out after eating, and out several times a day. When i catch them going on the floor, i tell them No, bad dog and put them outside. When they do go on the floor it isnt a lot, and thats why i think it is more spraying than peeing? I am not sure that dogs spray like cats, but where on goes the other immediately goes over it. Not to mention they hump each other like crazy, and are starting to fight. We took in the shit zit su becouse my sister and law is getting divorsed and cant take care of him, i think we will have him forever! but i cant have the dogs going in the house. I read that neutering them will calm them. We have a farm and raise beef cattle, we neuter them with the bands. I am just unsure of doing the dogs that way. I have looked on line but really cant find much info on it.
Expert:  Dr. Margo replied 8 years ago.


As I answered before you cannot safely or humanely band a male dog to neuter it. Maybe since you are helping your sister in law by taking in the dog, she could pay to have him neutered.


With how you describe it (and it does sound like spraying/marking) the problem is not going to get any better until you get these two dogs neutered. You will end up with a big vet bill if they get into a serious fight.


Contact your local animal shelter to see if they have any programs that offer discount neutering.


Dr. M