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Resolved Question:

mY DOG JUST ATE ABOUT 10 OF MY 60 MCG. THYROID PILLS- what do I need to do? She is acting fine
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 8 years ago.

If she just ate them within the last 60 minutes get her to vomit them up.

You can induce vomiting using fresh 3% hydrogen peroxide which you can read about scrolling down on this page
Do this only on an easily cleaned surface and some people have the dog stand in the tub to vomit so clean up is easy.

Look to see if you can see the pills in the vomit.

I would also suggest calling your vet and they may want to give her a shot to induce vomiting and use activated charcoal to limit absorption.

from this site on items toxic for dogs

"Thyroid hormones can be toxic to dogs. Although natural (desiccated thyroid) and synthetic (levothyroxine or L-thyroxine) derivatives of thyroid hormones are used to treat hypothyroidism in both animals and people, an overdose can be toxic. As with any medication, dogs are susceptible to drug overdoses, much like humans. Hyperactivity and tachycardia are the most common signs of overdose. If you think you have overdosed your dog or your own medication bottle has been chewed, consult your veterinarian for the best course of action."

So I strongly suggest calling your vet for help even if the dog appears OK right this moment.

Hope this helps you!


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I did call my vet, she told me to call animal poison control- I contacted you instead- I am waiting for the vet to call me back- I just want her to be okay- should I just take her to the vet?? what can they do? its probably already absorbed into her system right? It has been abput 4 hours- can they reverse the effects at all?
Expert:  NancyH replied 8 years ago.

Sorry you added that information about calling your vet etc after I had replied (its a system glitch they can't seem to fix) so I didn't see it.

Poison control would probably just tell you to see a local vet.

OK I've found this for you

scroll down to section 4.10 for info on overdose which does say this in part of it

"Single overdose up to 3-6x the recommended dose does not pose a threat to the dog, and no actions are necessary."

And it also lists measures taken to counteract overdose.

Call your vet back and see what they have to say about what that document says in terms of the size of your dog and the dose she got.


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