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why is my dogs belly tight and quivering

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why is my dog's belly tight and quivering?



I need a little more information please.


When she has these episodes of pain does she stop eating?


Any vomiting or diarrhea?


What kind of food are you currently feeding her?


Did the vet do any blood work or x rays?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

she will stop eating a little bit when the quivering is intense (about 15 minutes or so), but then will start to eat. her appetite is still good. her usual diet is science diet, but lately when shes sick i boil chicken and rice. there is absolutely no vomting or diarrhea.

she did have blood work which only showed slight dehydration. the xray was negative, but our vet questioned maybe a shadow on the heart (not sure, incidental finding). the bouts come and go and she does have a lot of pain with them. when they pass, she seems okay. her stomach feels really really tight. thanks soooo much for any help.

Thank you.


It definitely sounds like abdominal pain.


Do you know if the vet checked her for pancreatitis? It would be a blood test. click here to read about pancreatitis



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

she did have pancreatitis in the past, and that is, at first, what we thought this was.

when she had pancreatitis she was vomiting (just water) and was dehydrated, but she wasnt tense in the abdomen like she is now. thanks.

They usually are painful and tense in the abdomen when they have pancreatitis.

They are especially painful a few inches below the ribs. If you palpate around in there.

See if that hurts her? Once they have pancreatitis once, they are predisposed to getting it again. She might need to be put on a low fat diet.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

should i be feeding her the "lot fat" science diet, or is regular science diet okay.

thanks again.

Science diet has a lot of corn, bi products and fillers it. I know it says vet recommended on the bag. If she does not have pancreatitis I think she is having gas pains. The corn is bad for that. I would pick a food with out corn or wheat. If you want to stick with science diet then do the low fat. I use proplan, wellness, or nutros brands.


Your vet can do a blood test called "TLI" which is more specific for pancreatitis.


If she does not have mild chronic pancreatitis.


You could always get a refferal to an internal medicine doctor for an abdominal ultrasound. This would allow you to see things that do not show up on regular x rays in her abdomen.


If that was normal and it is just gas pains, you can always give her 1/2 a "beano" gas pill every once in a while as needed. But make sure it is not pancreatitis first.

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