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My dog has runny stool with a little bit of blood in it. It

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My dog has runny stool with a little bit of blood in it. It has been going on for two days now. He is acting very normaly. He eats all his food and plays still. Should I wait to take him to a vet on monday or take him to the e-vet?
Hello. Thanks for writing in. It sounds like your dog has a case of colitis. This is inflammation of the colon, often resulting in straining to defecate, frequent urges to defecate, usually producing small amounts of feces. Sometimes the feces has blood or mucus in it. It is most often caused by something they ate, but can also be caused by stress, parasites, liver/kidney/pancreatic abnormalities or masses in the colon. You can actually add a teaspoon of metamucil or canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) over his food to try to firm up the stools. As long as he is eating normally, not feeling weak or lethargic, not developing more blood in the stool or has pale gums; he can probably wait until Monday to be seen. There is not really anything that is safe to give at home for the diarrhea due to the blood in the stool. Any worsening of signs, or if you notice any of the above signs, please take him to the emergency vet this weekend. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Hope this helps.
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