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Susan Chambers
Susan Chambers, Dog care specialist
Category: Dog
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Experience:  20+ yrs helping people care for their dogs, 10 yrs vet. office manager,5 yrs pet loss & bereavement
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my st bernard has a ear infection we have tried antibiotics

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my st bernard has a ear infection we have tried antibiotics we have tried virkons we have tried malaseb antibacterial shamoo still no imrovment any sugesions tanya
HI, sorry to hear of your big guys ear problems... looks like you have tried a few remedies , were they recommended by the vet or available over the counter. One thing with ear infections and problems is that the specific medication for the problem should be used..and it's best to have the vet to a smear to check or a swab to culture to find out if bacterial or fungal ... and what they are resistant and susceptible to. You also need to make sure the ear canals are cleaned very well so that the proper medication can reach it's destination. Never use q-tips in the ears, as you can injure the ear drum, although the dogs ear is like an "L" shape so it's kind of hard to get to the ear drum. the ear infection can be quite far down though, so a gentle good cleaning is needed before applying the proper medication. The ears need to be kept dry as well, or it is a breeding ground for both bacterial and fungal infections.. they make many cleaners specially made for dogs which can be used, then medication used.. also, which ever medication is recommended it needs to be used for the entire amount of time recommended to be effective or the problem will just present itself over and over.   Ear inflammation can also be from allergies, so you may look into the newer limited ingredient foods (take up to 6 weeks to show whether that will work and you must very very careful about treats and human food to test for food allergies)... many dogs have become allergic to poultry and what you my think is lamb and rice food when the label is read you will discover that chicken meal is close to the top in ingredient list... it can also be allergies from common household dust, or grasses and pollens. You may want to ask your vet about giving an antihistimine as well to calm the ears.. so, try a doggy ear cleaner, make sure ears stay dry, have the vet do a check if they haven't already, because you really do need to know what it is you are treating for... products made to treat both bacterial an fungal don't always do the trick for some reason.. .. so, a trip to the vet would be advised for this if not done already to get a smear done and a medication started to help your guy feel better soon.. thanks for caring.. Susan
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
we have brought him to the vet sent over £2000 the problem is fungal can you suggest any other medicinces i clean his ears twice a day he crys terrible in pain
Normally a vet will send home a product such as panalog or otomax for fungal ear infections after swabbing and cleaning the ears.. if you have seen the vet recently, please call them back since the problem has not resolved itself, your vet should be happy to help you resolve this problem.. again, the ear needs to be clean for the medication to reach the infection, I'm assuming your vet got a good look into the ears as well as a swab.. and sent home meds appropriate.. it may be a matter of repeating the course, as fungal infections are hard to treat and can come back worse than before if not completely resolved the first time around.. some dogs require fungal medications for every long periods of time. with your dog crying in pain and not having the very best fungal medication to use, this will be an endless cycle.. please ring your vet and let them know this problem is not resolved. what type of medication did they send home? and did they do a ear cleaning and send home some ear cleaner? I think Otomax works the best. but that is from my personal experience, your vet may prefer a different treatment. Thanks Susan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the vet gave me clovasone and enroxil to give by injection under the skin....
The clovasone should help with anti-inflammatory - being a steriod (dexamethasone).. a bit confusing that you are giving a broad spectrum injection (enrolxil).. for a fungal.. did they give you a ear cream or just cleaner.. does your dog have other health problems.. allergies that are affecting his entire body? these are quite potent i think for a fungal ear infection... not to mention expensive for the enroxil... allergies are seeming to get worse for our dogs these days and certain breeds suffer than others.. how long have you been giving these injections.. and again, I'm a bit confused by the fact that it is a confirmed fungal ear infection by your vet, yet these drugs are for bacteria and anti=inflammatory (dexamethasone will suppress the immune system - giving the yeast an even better hold..are you giving any anti-fungal supplements (probiotics) orally? that may help..