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Is Pasta bad to feed to dogs What other kinds of food is

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Is Pasta bad to feed to dogs ? What other kinds of food is bad for them ? Plus what makes a dog scratch at him self alot and lose hair we give him fle baths and hes a inside dog ?

Hello Delsey, no cooked pasta is not bad for dogs as long as you don't do it often. Pasta is a lot of carbs and can cause weight problems. There are not a lot of things that dogs can not eat but it is best to feed them dog food. The idea here is to make sure that they get the proper nutrients for a happy healthy life. Home-made diets are rather tricky to feed because you may be missing certain nutrients.

I feed mainly a good, reputable dog food, but do allow my dog to snack on leftovers. The main things that I can think of that are bad for dogs are raisins, grapes, machadamia nuts to name a few.

Again, I would stick with a name brand dog food(they have spent millions of dollars testing their food products) and feel free to add in some snacks if so desired. And most important, watch your dogs weight!!!!!!!

Hope this helps

Thanks for the question

Dr Bill

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
how about his scratching and hair loss I treated and still treat him for flees

Sorry, I missed the scratching problem. Lots of things can cause scratching, anything from allergies, too much bathing causing dry skin, to immune mediated skin conditions. Being as young as he is I would first think about food allergies. I am assuming that he has no sores or bald spots. If allergies are considered, I would try using a dog food made with lamb or venison or duck(available at the pet stores) and feed only that food for 1 month. If he is allergic to wheat and you feed him one cracker a day you are wasting your money on the food. It is very important to only feed that food!!! It is the only thing that can pass through his mouth or you won't know if it is working or not.

If there are any spots on his skin, hair loss, sores or anything else then you will need to take him in to see your vet. There are some mites that infect dogs that cause itchy skin but without a microscope you will never find them. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have him checked out even before switching his food in case something like that is going on.

Thanks again

Dr Bill

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Hello again. due to the hair loss I would definitely have him checked out. It could still be food allergies but also some of the other things I mentioned. Have your vet rule out those other things then a food change is next in line.

Dr Bill