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my chihuahua has a anal gland and it busted .I gave him a bath

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my chihuahua has a anal gland and it busted .I gave him a bath and squeezed most of it out he is now playing but still has a little left inside should I get it all out or just releave pressure? does he need to see the vet? will is heal with out the vet .I soaked his bottom with ept -salt in a warm bath.. I have Hydrocortisone cream and nystatin /triamcinolonr acetonide cream should i put one of the two on this site?
Hi Bandit,
I would not apply any cream with steroid on the ruptured anal gland. These are infections, and need antibiotics; it would be better to apply something like Neosporin. You could try one of the steroid creams once or twice for the discomfort, but I wouldn't continue using them for more than that. I wouldn't try squeezing any more out; use the warm soaks and compresses to draw out the infection.

You may need to take him to the vet. These usually need oral antibiotics to heal completely. The problem is, the rupture may heal over, trapping the infection inside, and then the whole process will just keep repeating. Even with antibiotics, it is sometimes hard to get these to heal.

You can try the warm compresses, warm baths, and topical antibiotics. If it seals up. and then ruptures open again, I would take him to the vet for antibiotics. Hope this helps,Rebecca
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