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My golden retriever is vomiting bile. Can I give him Pepto

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My golden retriever is vomiting bile. Can I give him Pepto Bismol ? He weighs about 125 lbs.
Short answer: Yes you can; have done it many times to my own Golden (Luna aka LUNATIC!) when she's ingested something undesirable....
125lbs! He's loved a lot then ;)
You can safely administer either 2 whole tablets or 2 teaspoons of the liquid.
Long answer: Let's figure out why he's vomiting bile..? Any ideas? Did he get into something? Acute onset?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


This started today. He ate his usual food last night and was fine. He won't eat or drink when we are gone during the day. He waits till we get home. He didn't get in the trash. Can dogs get the stomach bug like people? The vomiting and diarrhea?

Absolutely they can - good to know he was normal last night. Was he around any other dogs? Park? Dog sitting? If it's the simple stomach bug he should get better as fast as he got sick with the basic support we talked about; if it persists or worsens, then you'll get him in to ur vet...hopefully just a bug. NO missing socks/underwear? I pulled a champagne cork out of a labradoodle last week that was vomiting bile...
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

No he hasn't been around any other dogs...and he never has chew up or eaten any of our clothes. . .guess there is always a first time tho! I think I'll try to caplets of the pepto bismol and see how that works. He's not happy right now because I have him closed up in the laundry room.(no carpet) You know, Goldens love to be around people!


Thanks so much for your advice. I love this service. What a wonderful idea!



And DO I know how they HAVE to be around ppl...
Good luck to you both then and please remember to click 'accept'!
Best -docB :)
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