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My boxers stomach will not stop making noises. She keeps

Customer Question

My boxer's stomach will not stop making noises. She keeps getting in my lap and acts like she is scared and probably uncomfortable. Dr. Crist has her on 500 mg cephalexin 2x/day. Is there anything I can give her or do for her to make the stomach settle down?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr Pete replied 8 years ago.
Hi Shirlene
The noises will be caused by gas bubbles in the bowel. The muscle contractions of the bowel will be trying to move this gas down the intestinal lumen to the exterior. Sometimes with mild abdominal upsets there is greater gas production and the bowel activity increases causing the gurgling noises. There can sometimes be a degree of discomfort or pain associated with this condition. It is often referred to as colic.
There are specific medications for this but it would be very unlikley tour vet would have already provided you with this. However the fizzy "anatcid" powders that are dissolved into water for us humans with stomach upsets can provide relief. Typically these powders will contain sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate and citric anhydrous. Half the human dose would be ample for a Boxer. You could try this. Dissolve it in water and if she will not drink it willingly (it is sweet) then spoon or syringe it in.
Her clinginess will probably relate to the discomfort she is feeling. The cause is hard to say. Cephlexin does't normally cause this but any individual dog can react in a different way to any particular drug. If the problem persists it mght be worthwhile mentioning it to your vet.
It should pass within a few hours. Just reassure that everything is ok.
I hope I've been of help.
Regards, Peter