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My beagle has a history of otis ear infections. This fall she

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My beagle has a history of otis ear infections. This fall she developed her normal ear infection, but this time its runny, and goey, and smelly. After treatment with several anitbiotics and the normal ear meds she's not responding and she's starting to shake her head. Now when she yaws, opens her mouth wide or I even touch her ear she yelps. I've stopped all ear meds and have just been cleaning it out. My vet put her under today and suckened her ear out and won't give me a clear answer what's wrong with her. My concern is that the constant use of Baytril, Animax, and Otimax in her ear for over a month has caused her ear drum to rupture, but I'm not sure why it would make her jaw sore. They also told me today she may have a mass inside her ear, and that she has one of three things, either a middle ear infection, a mass, that started as otis externa, a ruptured ear drum, which is what I suspect, because she doesn't show any signs of horm'e syndorme. My vet sent a hysto sample away.

Your vet should have been able to see the ear drum after the cleaning and determined if it was ruptured or not.

It is possible she has a middle ear infection or a mass and it might be inflammation from the perisistent infection is pushing on the nerves around her head.

If your vet says the eardrum is not ruptured a medication I've had good luck with for persistent infections is Zymox with cortisone.

You can read about it here

and many pet supply stores, vets, and online sources carry it.

Persistent ear infection can be a sign of allergies.

You can read about allergies in dogs here

Dogs can develop allergies to foods, and to inhaled items, and contact allergens such as rug cleaners, cedar beds, or chemicals including lawn chemicals or even flea bites.

You might want to try a different dog food that has no ingredients the same as what you feed now. Diets of Fish and Potato, venison, or rabbit etc. where the protein source is new and there are no grains in the food can work for many dogs for example. Another option is the hypoallergenic diet from your vet Hills ZD. Changing food does no good if you feed the same ingredients.

If this is an inhalant allergy you may find using a HEPA air filter in the room the dog uses most and wiping the dog down with a damp towel when it comes in helps reduce allergen exposure.

Dogs can have low thyroid level issues and that can trigger skin allergies including ear problems. The vet can check for that with a blood test.

Persistent ear infections can happen due to the infecting agent becoming antiboitic resistant and you can read about that here

and another remedy studied here

Another possibility for jaw pain is an infection behind the eye area and this might have been triggered by ear infection. You can read about retrobulbar abscess here

If it is a mass in the ear then a veterinary surgical expert would be a good choice as that is a tricky area to do surgery on.

One more thing to consider is beagle pain which you can read about here

Hope this helps you!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I was very upset at my vet, because she told me that she was 'concerned it could be a mass,' but couldn't tell because she has so much inflamation inside her ear that she couldn't even see if the ear drum was ruptured. I also found it annoying that she didn't even do an xray to determine if there was a mass present. Its kind of like what did my $400 just pay for sedation for them to drain her ear and still tell me they don't know. They did take a histopath of some materials inside her ear and will let me know the results on Friday I guess to see if its anything is cancerous or not, and then also described things inside her ears as polyps that can come back. I spoke with the tech who was present during the procedure and she informed me that they saw. "small pebbly growths" inside her right ear but not like a cocker spaniel gets and that she had many areas of pink healthy spots. So why wouldn't my vet just tell me that.. I don't know I'm feeling stressed out because I don't know anymore today than I did yesterday. My beagle does have low thyroid and is on Leventin .02mg daily. I don't know I feel as though I've been ripped off by my vet, when I should have just taken my beagle directly to a specialist. I asked her why she didn't even do an xray to see if its a mass and her reply was, " I wanted to see if it was cancerous first'. Now I'm just waiting around. It would be easier to just eliminate the issues and get to what's really wrong with my beagle. I want to get to a treatment options, but feel like I'm on hold. Do you think I should just take my beagle to the specialist myself. I don't need a referal, since I've been to that particular clinic before, I just want answers. Its back to, 1 its otis media middle ear infection with inflammation, they sent me home with lots of antibiodics and want to get some of the inflammation down, then what charge me another $400 to look inside her ears? 2 Is her ear drum in her right ear ruptured and how/what is the treatment for that? 3 If it comes to worst case scenio and it is a mass and I have it removed from her ear and they do a total ear canal removal will it actually improve the quality of life for my beagle or will I leave their feeling ripped off and my beagle being in constant pain?

4 I've changed my beagles food she eats Science Diet Lite and I've seen a huge improvement in her skin issues, however I might mention prior to this ear issue she did have an outbreak of hotspots which along with an ear infection she always gets in the fall and in the spring. I'm at my wits end, I don't know what to do. Everytime she opens her mouth wide she crys out in pain and whimpers. So do I tell my vets office to go and jump in a lake or do I take my beagle to a specialist to get the treatment she needs. What are the credentials I'm looking for in a surgeon to do this type of surgery. My beagle already has problems with her third eyelid, would removing her ear canal make it worse. Sorry so many questions.

Well you can wait for the test results to come back and then ask for a referral to a specialist. If it is cancer there may not be any surgical solution and you might need to see an oncologist for best help. Or it may be as simple as removal of the lumps as this site discusses

You might check here for small animal internal medicine specialists in your state

and it also lists oncologists.

Total removal of the ear canal can help the dog though she will be deaf when the operation is done she may be lots more comfortable.

Science diet is full of all kinds of grains and other things dogs can be reactive to. If you feel her skin and ear issues might be food related you could try a food such as fish and potato, venison, rabbit etc and a variety of companies make them. For some dogs even a lamb and rice diet will work such as California Natural Lamb. The thing is you need to read all the ingredients and make sure that what it says on the front of the bag is really all that is in the food. For example I've seeen Lamb and Rice food on the front of a bag and then ingredients list corn, wheat, chicken fat, and animal fats which includes beef fat! But with this being a fall and spring issue this could be an inhalant allergen bothering her perhaps a mold from the damp times of the year.

It might be an ear infection with an antibiotic resistant type of bacteria.

The third eye lid issue may be related to the ear problem as that can be a sign of horners syndrome


Oh and the antibiotics wouldn't make the eardrum rupture the infection would.


This site discusses how if ear polyps are remove they don't appear to come back


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
your third link on removal of ear polyps doesn't work, is there another you'd recommend. I made an appointment with a surgeon for monday and my vet's boss is calling me back today to discuss with me today why they didn't do an xray of her skull to determine if she has a mass inside her ear. They also sent away a sample to find out if its cancerous or not. I'll have the results on Friday. One other thing she's got dog warts on her body that are benign, since I had some of them removed as well as a mammary tumor that was also benign could these ear polyps be related?

Sorry it worked yesterday but isn't working today. I can't predict when people change their site access! But it was a study on removal of polyps and then they found they didn't come back.

The ear polyps usually go with ear infections but might be related to he dog's propensity to get skin issues.

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