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LennyDVM, Veterinarian
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Experience:  30 years as owner of a mobile practice treating dogs, cats, horses and other pets.
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hello, my 1 yo female shihtzu has been shaking like she is

Resolved Question:

hello, my 1 yo female shihtzu has been shaking like she is cold for a couple of days, not constant, but off and on. my concern is all night she has not been herself. she has been growling/grunting if you touch her stomach. not eating or drinking. goes and lays down behind chairs and away. when i let her out side she may pee a little then goes into a corner and lays down outside(this is bad, we have a foot of snow on the deck). i have taken her for walks to see if that would help her go poop, she seems to be perky as usual, but tries to pee a little and then will sit in the snow. i think she is constipated, but i am not sure. she has a normal raw food diet. she had tuna fish(from chicken of the sea) and lots of veggies today. she did also chew on thin lamb bone(uncooked) tonight. ate a couple inches of that. she has been acting sick. no fever, nose is damp.what can we safely do to get her bowels moving? can you use suppositories on a small dog? is it constipation? what else can it be.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  LennyDVM replied 8 years ago.

Does she play with toys? Can see have eaten some of the stuffing or string or something else indigestible? I'd be concerned about an intestinal obstruction or urinary tract infection.


Soap (small amount of dish detergent-Dawn-, NOT dishwasher detergent) and water enemas are safe and effective if the problem is simple constipation. You can use 5-10 ml and need a syringe or baster to get it in. If there is an obstruction, it will not help.


Mineral oil or vaseline orally or rectally is safe. Rectally it is messy, but effective at softening feces if they are present. I usually recommend Vaseline orally because it is less likely to be aspirated than liquid oil.


If she is not better tomorrow, think about having a vet take a look.


Let me know if you have foll up questions.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

yes, she plays with toys! it may be possible that she got some stuffing. larger dogs have torn her toys up and i have caught her with some stuffing out. she does not tear her toys apart. she does like string like stuff on toys too, but i have not seen any come off the toy, she is pretty gentle with the toys she has. like i said, we have baby sat retreivers and they eat these baby dog toys in a gulp!

how much would she have to get a hold of before she would get an obstruction?

is there any way to get it out without surgery?

would the soap or oil help move these products out?

would she be ok overnight without going to emergency? she seems to be comfortable as long as we dont move her alot or touch her tummy alot.

you also mentioned a urinary tract infection. would this be plausable without fever or other symptoms? what do you suggest, if she wont drink or eat. can we push cranberry juice and the such like we do with ourselves to help clear a UTI?

i am not a big fan of medicating and i have access to whole food and herbal remedies that work without the side effects....what do you think? i really appreciate your time on this matter. i will hold for the reply!

kathy yuhaszs

Expert:  LennyDVM replied 8 years ago.

There isn't a fixed amount that will cause an obstruction. Most of the time the stuffing slows the movement, but the stuff goes through without surgery. It may cause discomfort, vomiting and not eating until it gets out. Vaseline orally helps it go through. Enemas are less useful until things get to the colon.


Urinary tract infections do not always cause fever. They usually cause increased frequency. Cranberry juice may help in mild cases caught early.


I'm concerned that she hurts if you touch her belly. did you take her temperature? I didn't see it when I scrolled back, but it is late and I am tired. Normal for dogs is 101-102-5. 103 is a low grade fever and 104-106 is a common range for fevers.


Most of the time, problems work themselves out. Sometimes they don't. The change from OK to not can occur very quickly. The diagnosis is the key to figuring out if the problem is serious or minor.


I've done some work through the years on herbal remedies. They can pack their fair share of side effects. After all, most of our drugs are based on herbal remedies. Avoiding drugs and using good nutrition and herbal remedies is good most of the time. Sometimes specific diagnostics are needed so that specific treatment can be determined.


LennyDVM and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you