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My 2 yr old 54lb goldendoodle ingested bayer baby aspirin

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My 2 yr old 54lb goldendoodle ingested bayer baby aspirin this evening. She is acting ok, I took her to a emergency clinic but was not happy with the service and left. I know I have possibly put this dog in real danger, any other suggestions?

How much baby aspirin did she eat?


The usual dose for aspirin is up to 15 mg/lb. That would be 810 mg or 10 baby aspirin.


If she ate 10 or fewer tabs, she is not in real danger although sometimes even at normal doses dogs will vomit. If she does, withhold water for 6 hours and food for 12 hours after the last episode. Reintroduce both slowly with small amounts over 3-6 hours.


Let know know how many she ate and if you have follow up questions.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It was a brand new container that holds 36 tablets. Is there any treatment I can do for her on my own or do I definitely have to take her back to the emergency clinic??
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
She ate all 36 tablets.

The toxic dose for aspirin that I have seen cited most commonly is 30 mg/lb up to 40 mg/lb, which would be 20 -26 tabs for your dog. The pills she ate were absorbed within the first hour at most.The half life is about 8 hours, which means that half the original dose is metabolized and excreted within 8 hours.The aspirin was absorbed within the first couple hours.


Toxic effects include depression, vomiting, increased body temperature,electrolyte imbalances, coma and death. Gastrointestinal ulcers and decreased clotting are other common side effects.


You can wait and watch on your own. You could give Prilosec to help prevent ulcers.


If she ate every one of those pills; however, she got 54 mg/lb, well into the toxic range. You might get away with wait and watch. There is no specific antidote, but the best treatment would be IV fluids, drugs to protect her GI system, monitoring electrolyte levels, etc. Your best bet would be to go back to the emergency clinic.


The best info on toxicity and treatment is from the National Animal Poison Control Center(NNN) NNN-NNNN The current fee listed on their web site is $60. YOu can call, but let the vets do it if you go back. that saves relaying info or paying twice.


I hope everything goes well.

LennyDVM and 3 other Dog Specialists are ready to help you

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