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LouA, Dog Veterinarian
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Experience:  20+ yrs experience in vet medicine, special interest in Sighthounds, successful Agility competitor
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My dog is walking gingerly and has trouble sitting down. I

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My dog is walking gingerly and has trouble sitting down. I want to give hime some aspirin to help relive his pain. He's 60 pounds. I cannot get him to a vet until Monday.
I'm so sorry your dog is having problems. If you can isolate the pain to a certain area, sometimes ice/cold packs for 5 - 10 minutes several times daily will help with pain and/or inflammation. I would also recommend that you keep him pretty quiet today ... no running, jumping, or playing. It is quite alright to give a dog this size a whole buffered aspirin twice daily for a couple of days. A normal human aspirin is about 360mg. If this doesn't do the trick and have him moving better by tomorrow, I would definitely recommend that you take him in and have your veterinarian check him out. I hope things settle down for you guys really soon!!
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