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My dog is coughing....more at night than during the day, but

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My dog is coughing....more at night than during the day, but he doesn't control it and it doesn't go away.   Sounds like he's trying to clear his throat and he's hoarse.
What color are his gums and tongue right now?

How long has this cough been going on?

Does the cough sound like honking or a goose?

Does he ever cough anything up?

Has he ever been diagnosed with a trachea or heart issue?

When was the last time he had his teeth professionally cleaned?

Is he eating and drinking normally?

Does he ever cough when excited, playing, or pulling on the leash?

Is he up to date on kennel cough vaccination?

Has he been exposed to any other dogs like at the groomers?

Thank you

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

His gums are pink/red.

It's been a few weeks now (over a month)

Yes, it sounds like honking

No, never coughs up anything

No dx.

It's been about a year or so for teeth cleanings

Yes he eats and drinks quite well

sometimes he coughs when playing or walking

He never goes to a kennely and has had all his shots

He never goes to a groomer.

I suspect that your dog is suffering from a collapsing trachea which is very common in this breed. What happens here is there is a narrowing of the trachea so it is difficult to get air out so the dog has to do this forcefully which results in the honking sound. After a while the trachea becomes very irritated so he can't seem to stop the coughing. It would be a good idea to have him evaluated because trachea issues can be caused secondarily by heart issues and an enlarging heart pushing up on the trachea. The narrowing in the trachea can even become so severe that it impedes normal breathing altogether. Try to keep him as calm as possible and increase the humidity in the home if you can. When we turn the heat on the air is drier and can make the cough worse. You may want to consider a vaporizer/humidifier or taking him into the bathroom and create a steam shower by running the hot water. He just needs to suck up the steam.

If the cough really becomes an issues especially at night you can give him robitussin temporarily until he visits the vet:

Here is a link on collapsing trachea:

Please let me know if further assistance is needed.

Thank you

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