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Constant loose stools with 3 year old greyhound. The dog has

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Constant loose stools with 3 year old greyhound. The dog has been to the vet, stool is tested with no problem, placed on flagyl with no results. Food is Merrick Chicken Based (Granny Pot Pie). Is the an allergy to food? What would be the best food to try?
I'm so sorry our dog is having problems. And while it could be an allergy to the food, food allergies usually will present as skin problems rather than digestive problems. The first thing I would change about what you guys are doing would be to get this guy on a really bland diet for a bit. Purina makes a product called e/n ... Hill's makes a product called i/d ... both of those are great when dealing with non-specific gastrointestinal situations. Make sure the Flagyl dose is correct and that you've given it for the correct duration. An average sized Greyhound should receive between 350 - 400 mg of Flagyl twice daily for at least 10 - 14 days. If you've done all of the above and are still having problems, you might try a drug called sulfasalazine ... this is a wonderful drug if the dog has colitis rather than the usually small bowel diarrhea. It is also ok to give them Immodium twice daily for a couple of days ... just until the meds have a chance to do their job.
If you try these suggestions and still have no improvement, you probably need to go to the next step diagnostically ... blood work, fecals, stool cultures, intestinal biopsies ... the list is quite long.
So I'd start with the simple ... bland diet and make sure your Flagyl dose is correct and combo with Immodium if needed. If no improvement then I'd definitely step up your plan. I hope things settle down for you guys really soon!!
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