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Why does my dog arch his back when walking and what can I do

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Why does my dog arch his back when walking and what can I do about it
When dogs arch their backs it is usually because they are having abdominal pain or their backs hurt. If you dog is hesitating to jump up on furniture or climb stairs then I would be suspicious that there isn't a back issue involved here. Since abdominal pain is very general it can be caused by a mass in the abdomen, pancreatitis, intestinal obstruction, stomach ulcers, and bladder issues. A trip to the vet for a physical exam would be suggested to help determine which of these issues is or isn't present.

In the meantime all you really can do from home is monitor all symptoms and actions. Look to see if he is urinating normally, drinking more, straining to have a bowel movement, having diarrhea, is he able to look up at you, does he limp, is he hesitant to jump up? All of these issues will be very helpful in coming up with a diagnosis. Give him a lot of TLC and enforce strict rest until you can have him seen by the vet. I can't recommend any oral medications at this time because if this is related to stomach issues there can be serious interactions.

Please let me know if further assistance is needed.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
He isn't displaying any of those symptoms. He jumps around the furniture like a young puppy. He eats normally and has no runs or constipation. It was suggested by a friend he may have problems with his glands in his back but this is an intermittent problem and he doesn't have it all the time. When I take him for walks he occasionally just stops and snaps around as if there is something in his anal area. He was examined by a vet a couple of weeks ago and given a clean bill of health although I was given worming medication which he has had as he had a small infestation of fleas. THis was also treated by the vet who said he may have worms as it is sometimes a side effect of fleas so be on the safe side we had him wormed as well. This problem only came up in the last few days after he had his coat clipped. He doesn't like standing still for long periods such as when being groomed. Or maybe he just doesn't like being groomed although he permits us to do it. He has no bad temper or anything like that.
I am still suspicious of this being a back issue and institute rest for now since he is doing well overall as this may simply be inflammation. Don't let him run or jump and keep him on a harness when you let him outside. See how he does with this.

If it isn't resolved in a couple days then I suggest a trip to the vet to rule out back/disc issues.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ddo you not think it is the anal glands. If it is that can I do it myself or is it something that should only be done by a professional.
If the vet checked them and he was given a clean bill of health and then he went to the groomer who is supposed to express them it isn't likely that this is the issue and the more than they get messed with the more inflammed they become so I would rather you not do this from home at this point. If you feel it is something you still want to check out then here is a site with more information on the anal glands and how to express them:

Thank you

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I dont think it can be his glands. I will take your advice and get him checked out by a vet. Thank you for your patience.