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Susan Chambers
Susan Chambers, Dog care specialist
Category: Dog
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Experience:  20+ yrs helping people care for their dogs, 10 yrs vet. office manager,5 yrs pet loss & bereavement
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Why does my dog have to be right next to me all the time

Resolved Question:

Why does my dog have to be right next to me all the time? So much so that he HAS to be touching me or he's desperate about it? And he tries to climb down my throat when we sit together? What could have happened to him in the two years before we met/adopted him to make him act this way? Is there a way to help him relax a bit?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Susan Chambers replied 8 years ago.
HI, well, you have one anxious dog on your hands alright.. I'm sure you already know that one! a dog that has to be that close is very insecure. since you adopted him at 2, you don't really know what happened, but at some point he was abandoned by his previous owner for you to have him.. this could be a real fear for him. to get him to understand you are not going to abandon him will take some a little time and patience.. first off, when he shows this insecurity, don't give 'extra' attention as you are reinforcing this behavior when you say ' it's okay - it's like you are saying it's okay for you to feel this freaked out... be calm with him... I would suggest you try some bach rescue remedy.. it is a flower essence that is harmless to him, but is used widely for dogs, horses and humans that panic and are very scared of 'something. you can put it in their water or they have a spray to put directly into the mouth... it is available at health food stores or online.(it is VERY safe) have you done any training with him for boosting his confidence? have him sit.. be firm, never angry or frustrated as this will only escalate his insecurity... you can try the method of leaving the room for just a few seconds, then come back in.. ignore his frantic behavior.. you need to be calm an let him know this is normal with out any big hurrah's ... continue to leave and come back.. extending the time a little.. but start with seconds, work up to mins... he will soon understand that you are always going to come back.. but dont' make any big deal about leaving or coming back is the big key here. so, try a calming agent for him, if he hasnt' been to the vet for a while, take him (rescue remedy is great for vet visits, groomer, car travel, and cling-ons) rule out any illness, but it sounds like a bad case of insecurity .. build his confidence, train him to sit and be patient for things.. all this will help him ... good luck! thanks for caring and rescuing this poor little guy! Susan
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