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what are the chances for surviving parvo if puppy has had shots

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what are the chances for surviving parvo if puppy has had shots then exposed to parvo before booster.
How old is the puppy?

How much does he weigh?

What type of treatment is the puppy receiving?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the pup is 5 mo. at this time.not sure 40lb.they have'nt called back.
A 5 month old puppy with 3 parvo vaccinations usually at this time has a higher survival rate then a puppy who is much younger or one who has never had a vaccination. Predicting survival in general is difficult though because it all depends on how severely affected your pup is and what strain he is having to deal with. Most older puppies who recieve IV fluids, IV antibiotics, and anti emetics as well as plasma if needed and feedings as soon as possible have the highest rate of surival and I will say that more than 60% of pups this age who are larger breed dogs will go home within a couple days.

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