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the hair around my dogs vagina is dark, as if her urine stains

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the hair around my dog's vagina is dark, as if her urine stains it. there is no foul smell and she doesn't lick it much or anything.
Is there any way I can clean it, or should I?



I just have a couple questions for you.


Is your dog spayed?

I know you said she doesn't lick down there much, but does she some? How often?

Does the skin in that area look red or irritated? Does the skin look dark?


Please let me know and we can talk further.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

She is spayed. The skin looks fine; it's the hair that is dark. There is no foul smell (just smells normal, like normal urine).

Her vagina looks normal, no redness (just pink) and there is no signs of blood anywhere.

I'm just concerned because it seems the urine stays on her hair.

She only licks down there occasionally, maybe once or twice a day that I notice.

She has had an infection there before, when she was about 8-9 months old but it cleared up fine and nothing since. I feed her private label food (Wolfking, Barking at the Moon, Taste of the Wild).


Thank you very much for your help and for this service.

Hi again,


It sounds like the dark fur is due to staining from the urine. I forgot to ask what breed she is and if she is groomed regularly. If I examine a light colored dog and see dark stained fur in the vulva area with no signs of itching, licking, redness, discharge, odor, etc. I assume it is due to urine. Fur staining due to this is not a problem. However, it could lead to problems if it is always soaked with urine.


Keeping the fur trimmed around the vulva can help keep the area clean and dry. I have had patients with urine soaked fur that predisposed them to bladder infections.


I recommend taking her to a groomer to get help in this area. It is possible to trim the fur with a scissors, but I do not recommend doing this on your own. I have seen too many pets come to me for stitches because the owner tried to trim them at home. Not because they couldn't cut the fur right, but if your dog jumps or jerks at the wrong moment the skin can suffer the consequences.


The reason I asked about licking, redness, dark pigmented skin is because one or all of these signs can point to a peri-vulvar (around the vulva) infection. To diagnose this, a skin swab can be taken and the sample can be evaluated for yeast or bacteria under a microscope.


Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. It sounds like you are a very conscientous owner who pays very close attention to your dog's well-being.



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