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If while removing a tick the head breaks off and remains imbedded

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If while removing a tick the head breaks off and remains imbedded in the dog's skin, what do I do?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Age: 10; Male; Breed: Chocolate Lab

Already Tried:
Nothing, I stopped when it broke off. He has a red ring around the tick bite location, but the tick was very small and was moving around a lot. He also just received an application of Frontline 10 days ago.

If the tick head is still embedded your dog will be likely to develop a local pustule where the head is and it will cause a sore and then should resolve after a week or two. You could use hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound and then apply neosporin topically. If there is a red ring around the bite this could be an indication of a tick borne disease such as lymes disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, or ehrlichia which are all transmitted by ticks. The tick usually has to be attached for more than 24 hours in order for the infection to be transmitted to the dog. Other symptoms would include lethargy, inappetience, bloody nose, bruising of skin or gums, blood in urine, other signs of the blood not clotting properly. If you notice any of this you will need to take him to the vet to get him treated with antibiotics.

good luck with everything,
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