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Male neutered dog has large lump in penus sac. He acts like

Resolved Question:

Male neutered dog has large lump in penus sac. He acts like it is uncomfortable. He has chewed enough on it to remove the hair off one side of his penus sac. He has also chewed the back side of both rear legs & the inside of one rear leg. He got into some dog food that in the past has given him a reaction (rash , itchy ears). Could this be an allergic reaction or is it something else? Lump in penus sac wasn't there yesterday evening. He got the food last night that he's allergic to.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 8 years ago.

He is probably chewing to relieve itching from the food he ate.

The stimulation of the chewing in the area of his penis may very well have caused the bulbus glandis organ that expands when a dog mates or has an erection to become stimulated.

You can see the anatomy here in this drawing

When the dog is stimulated that gland swells and the chewing could cause that as might itching along the penis.

You didn't mention what antihistamine you used. Some are not safe for dogs.

You can see a list of ones that can be used with dogs here

and a kg = 2.2 pounds for calculating dose info.

If the dose says per dog then that range is for small to large dogs.

Hope this helps you!


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