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My dog seems to have hurt his leg or hip last night in the

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My dog seems to have hurt his leg or hip last night in the backyard. He is in discomfort, but can move his legs, walk, nothing seems broken, etc. He is favoring his right hind leg and can't get comfortable. He ate this morning, but seems more uncomfortable through the day. I just want to know how I can best keep him comfortable until I can bring him to the Vet on Monday. If he really seems worse, I'll find an emergency place tomorrow, (Sunday). Can I give him any human pain medication, heating pad, what do you suggest?



Have you felt all over the leg to try and find a sore spot?


How much does he weigh?


Is he on any other medication?

So he is still in pain after the aspirin and methocarbamol?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I think the methocarbomal has helped quiet him down. He's still not asleep, but laying down a little better. The aspirin was several hours ago, didn't seem to help. Maybe not enough, 80mg low dose. Is there anything else I can give him, as I have no more methocarbamol. I want to make him comfortable tomorrow. Also,should I keep him in his crate. He doesn't love it, but he's safe and can't walk around.

His dose would depend on his weight.


Ice therapy, for 20 minute intervals, is best for the first 48 hours after the onset of an injury.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
His weight is 22 lbs. What can I give him to ease his discomfort - any human aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.??? No heating pad, only ice?

He can have 200 mg of aspirin total. You can repeat the dose every 12 hours. It is best to give it with food.


Dogs can not have ibuprofen, tylenol, or anything else as they can not metabolize it.


Ice is best in the first 48 hours. It will reduce any swelling and inflammation. On myself, I like the heating pad but I know I am suppose to use ice. So, you could alternate ice and heat therapy. They have actually found this alternating confuses muscle spasms which makes them relax.

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