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My 20 lb Terrier has tracheitis (sic). I have Amoxicillin

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My 20 lb Terrier has tracheitis (sic). I have Amoxicillin 500mg, how much shoul I give him and how many times per day? I am unable to get him to the vet because of the cost. I am on a fixed income and have serious medical problems myself. Can you help?   Pat V Arizona



As I'm sure you're aware fro your question, amoxycillin is a prescription drug and should only be used under the supervision of an examining veterinary surgeon. This is to make sure that the correct drug is prescribed for the problem, that there are no other problems present and to control any possible side effects or resistance.


A vet exam would also be recommended in your dog's case as the symptoms of tracheitis can be similar to the signs of having a foreign body in the throat etc. Amoxycillin is okay as an antibitoic, but it does have a limit as to the tyoe of bacteria that it can kill, and also the tissues of the body that it penetrates. This drug is not the best choice of antibiotic for the throat - you would be better with amosycillin-clavulanate or oxytetracycline.


If you are absolutely unable to get to a vet, then you can try the tablets, but be aware that you are giving them at your own risk and that this is not advised.

I have enclosed a link to a page that give some more information about the drug.


The range of dosing is quite large - 5-12mg per lb of dog - I would go for 8-10mg/lb twice daily, which is about one third of a tablet. If there is not any improvement after a five day course, then you really need a vet.


Good Luck,



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
This is the drug origionaly prescribed by our vet but I was just not sure of the dosage. I just can't afford to take him in again and pay for an office visit as well as another prescription. There was no foriegn object found but he is trying to get rid of some thick phlegm. I don't know what the vets charge where you are but here the last visit was $89.00. I love my dog and he is healthy in every other way but his constant hacking for as much as ten minutes at a time is getting to me as well as him. I had given him half of a capsule of Amoxicillin 500mg in his food twice yesterday and was hoping that it was enough. Thank you for listening. Pat V

As I have said - try it and see. If there is no change you haven't lost anything. But as vets online we are just obliged to warn you of possible complications of giving meds at home, that's all. We have to make sure that people are aware of the prescribing laws - you would be suprised at what some peopole suggest administering to their dogs at home, so we have to be cautious about this.


I hope it works for you!