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Dr Pete
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My cocker spaniel has crusty spots on his skin. He scratches

Resolved Question:

My cocker spaniel has crusty spots on his skin. He scratches at the ones on his stomach and they get red and raw. We've changed his food several times, including using grain-free formulas. I am using a medicated shampoo, Melasub. What else can I do for him?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr Pete replied 8 years ago.
This sounds very much like seborrheic dermatitis, a reasonably common problem in Cockers. This is a condition where the dog produces excessive amounts of skin flake and the oil from the sebaceous glands binds the dead skin build up to the healthy skin below. Bacteria and yeasts breed in this build up and produce enzymes that invade the skin producing the sores.
Certainly Malaseb is a good treatment for this condition as it removes the dead skin bulid up and controls the yeasts and bacteria. But usually in more advances cases an antibiotic course is indicated. Cephlexin is particularly good. You will need to see your vet for this. He/she may also advise some cortisone which acts to reduce the inflammation and slow the skin production rate.
Diet occasionally plays a role for two reasons. There may be an allergy to certain food components which cause itchiness and that stimulates the skin more, but also because a good balance in the diet is important in skin disease. Top brands of commercial dog food are best and your vet will have a range specifically designed for skin problems in dogs; low allergen and with skin active ingredients.
With a little effort and veterinary attention you should see good results here.
All the best, Peter
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I do have him on high quality dog food. He is on Natural Balance Fish & Sweet Potato (limited ingredients). He was on Canidae, then Merrick's, then Taste of the Wild. So guess it's off the vet's we go.