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my dog has a lump on his throat. i took him to the vet and

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my dog has a lump on his throat. i took him to the vet and he stuck a needle in it and nothing came out. he concluded it could be a bug bite and gave my dog an anti-innflammitory shot and antibiotics. The lump started going down (deflating) and now just 2 days layer it is huge, three times the size and really hard. please help, i paid a hefty bill cuz it was on an emergency basis, i cant afford to take him in and get a false diagnosis again.



Lumps can be secondary to infections (abscess), cysts, benign tumors, and malignant tumors to name a few. The way to diagnose the problem is to do either a fine needle aspirate or a biopsy. It sounds like the vet you saw did a fine needle aspirate. If nothing visible can out (like pus or fluid) then it is probably not an abscess or cyst. With solid masses you might not see any fluid but you typically get some cells to put on a slide and examine under the microscope. Did the vet do that? Usually the cells are just inside the needle but you can force them out with air on to the slide. I then stain the slide and look at it under the microscope to determine if I can make a diagnosis. If I am unable to make a diagnosis then I send the slide to a lab to be evaluated by a pathologist. If a diagnosis can't be made with the needle aspirate then a biopsy needs to be done and evaluated by a pathologist.


He really should be seen by a veterinarian to get the proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment. The mass should be aspirated again and then examined under the microscope. Did the vet think it might be a lymph node?


Please let me know if you have any questions

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The vet did not put the fluid on a slide. The only visable fluid that i saw looked more like blood. Just a drop of it went into the srynge. I am very torn on what to do. Please understand that i have very little to no money and with myself not being in great health, i have been to the ER three times the past two weeks i have not been able to work. Now i was approved for short term disability but i just have not gotten paid yet. I am stuck because i want so badly to take him to the vet. But none of the vets in my area will bill me for the treatment. Is there anything that i can do here at home while i wait to be paid? I am just worried that me having to wait to get money (if it is a abscess) will cause it to get worse, block his airways, cause him pain, cause it to rupture, or worse be fatal. I read that if it is a abscess to put a warm heating pad on it to help the blood flow and makes the white blood cells more dominant in the area and possibly fight off the abscess. I am so scared for him and i feel so bad. I really hope he is in no pain, although i do know he is in discomfort.



Sorry to hear about your problems. I am not sure why the vet did not examine the cells under the microscope as that is the whole purpose of doing the aspirate. Like I said, most of the time it is a very small amount of cells that is obtained and usually not even visible within the syringe. Usually with an abscess you will get a purulent material in the syringe and then it will leak out from where the needle was inserted so it is probably unlikely to be an abscess. Did the vet just give your dog an antibiotic injection or did he/she also prescribe an oral antibiotic? Normally with an abscess it is lanced open so the purulent material can drain out and then the animal is put on oral antibiotics. A warm wash cloth compress can be used to try to get it to open up and keep it draining once open.

Is there anyway to talk to the vet at the emergency clinic to explain your situation and get his/her opinion.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The vet did prescribe oral antibiotics. Although they do not seem to be helping. I do not know if it is fact a abscess. I just dont know what else it could be. It is getting worse and i just want to help him get better. My vet will not work with me. I have called and the only thing they can do is tell me to bring him back in and that i can not be billed. I did not notice and meterial leaking out of the injection site afetr we brought Giant home from the vet. I am starting to doubt it is even a abscess. If it is not an abscess than based on all of the other medical problems it can be will waiting to take him to the Vet cause more damage or problems? That is if it is ANYTHING else? I do not want to compromise my dogs health by waiting to get paid.



If it is just some type of benign mass then waiting a little while probably won't make a difference. I would just monitor him for anything abnormal and take him sooner if needed. I would continue the antibiotics until they are done just in case it is some type of infection.


I am not sure if you have heard about Care Credit but below is a website where you can read about it........maybe it would work for you. Keep me posted!


Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thank you very much for all of your help. I am very sorry for my slow acceptance on your answer. I have had complications with me own health and have not been online. Also I am new to this website and did not realize you had to wait to get paid. My apologies. I did wait a few days (had no choice) and have been giving him the antibiotics still. I am happy to report that as of tonight the lump has decreased in size dramatically. I hope and pray that it goes away entirely. Thanks again for your expertise help and i really appreciate all of your help. Have a great day and continue doing the great job you have been doing:)
Always, Elizabeth (AKA Customer)



I am glad that the lump is resolving and hope that it continues to go away. I hope that your health is better too. A lot of people don't understand the process on this website! Take care!


Dr. Leigh