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Dr Pete
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I have a pregnant dog, due any day now. Her stool has been

Resolved Question:

I have a pregnant dog, due any day now. Her stool has been decreasing in size everyday to the point where sometimes she strains to release almost nothing, this morning her stool had blood in it, and now she has not interest in her food. We took he to the vet to no avail, they said she was only stressed without performing any tests etc. Then we returned home where she lost interest in food. We also have a second dog being treated with antibiotics for enteritis. The two dogs have been in close proximity until saturday. What could be wrong? Whats normal for a pregnant dog? Should we go to another vet if so what should they look for?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr Pete replied 8 years ago.
This is not normal. If she has been eating normally up until now and is producing smaller and smaller stools it may very well be that she is constipated, something not uncommon in pregnant dogs. It is possible that she is now straining so hard that she has broken a small blood vessel in the bowel, causing the blood to appear. If her stools have always been solid (no diarrhea) it is unlikely that she has enteritis like the other dog. Constipation can ultimately cause a dog to stop eating. However a pregnant dog will sometimes stop eating as term approaches.
It may be that the vet has suggested the rice be added to the food to produce a stool that is easier to pass so perhaps he/she has suspected constipation. Straining to pass a stool with no result needs to be investigated. The vet should have shown interest! I think you should return to the vet and have her reassessed. A rectal examination should be performed to see there is no blockage in the rectum. An xray may be needed to see there is no blockage further up. Her abdomen should be palpated to assure you the pups are still well.
Please contact me back if you feel I can assist further.
Regards, Peter
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Dr. Pete,


Her stool has been mostly formed with some more watery bits here and there. This morning with the blood was soft and watery as well as earlier in the evening, however her last stool was formed with a little water.

Expert:  Dr Pete replied 8 years ago.
Hi again
If you feel she hasn't been passing normal or adequate amounts of stools (compared to the food intake) then constipation can still be possible. Often in constipations that have been going for a few days small amounts of watery stool can get around the blocked portion. To rule out constipation you would need to see her passing a normal firm stool with minimal or no straining. Again the blood could be associated with a small bowel injury (not a serious injury, just a blood vessel). If her stool seems to be turning into more of a diarrhea rather than just small amounts of softer stool or watery debris we might then have to consider enteritis. But from what you describe I think this is unlikely. Straining can occur because of a blockage (constipation) but also due to an inflammed bowel (tenesmus). If it persists I think it should be reassessed. It may just be that the gravid uterus is putting pressure on the large bowel and causing a temporary constipation but if she is off her food and particularly because she is pregnant I think she should be reassessed.
Better to play it safe with her being pregnant.
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