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How do I stop my chihuahua from being so aggressive and wanting

Resolved Question:

How do I stop my chihuahua from being so aggressive and wanting to bite all the time?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Candy W. replied 8 years ago.



How old is your chihuahua?

How long have you had it?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My chihuahua is 3 years old and I've had it since it was six weeks old. He is agressive all the time and barks all of the time.
Expert:  Candy W. replied 8 years ago.



You have to start with basic obedience training first (sit, stay, walk on leash, lay). I would suggest finding a professional trainer. You can ask your vet who they recommend in your area. You can't really stop the aggressiveness until he learns to mind you. If he is biting you, then he feels like he is alpha dog in the household. So with basic obedience you will train him that you are boss basically and he will get rewarded for doing what you tell him to do. After he has a few commands down, like sit and lay, then I like the concept of "nothing in life is free". Basically before he gets food, he has to sit first until you release him. Before he gets any petting, he has to lay down. That way he is having to be submissive before he gets any type of reward.

You should also teach him to speak on command and then you can teach him to calm or quiet after he does that.

But this is where you have to start with him. If the trainer thinks he is too aggressive, then there are medications you can use with training in conjuction with your vet to help mellow him while he goes through training. You have to start with training though. You have to teach him who is alpha dog. After basic training a good trainer can even help if he is still aggressive.

Dr. Candy

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