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I have a westie and her one eye gets a light lime/yellow color

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I have a westie and her one eye gets a light lime/yellow color discharge which hides in the top of her eyelid and then when she blinks it slowly comes down and covers the eye and eventually goes to the corner and I can get it out. This has been going on for a long time & the vet I took her to gave her antibiotic drops for 2 weeks and it never really cleard it up and so he said another 3 weeks and it slows it down but never stopped it. I do not want to go back to him since he did not correct the problem. Now she has a little dark red dot in her eye. I wonder if her tear duct is blocked or something else wrong. I think bright sun bothers her. Can you help me. I tried wetting drops for contacts but it just made it messier and more stuff in her eye.
It sounds like your dog is suffering from dry eye which your vet appears to have send home the proper products (cyclosporin and rewetting drops). KCS (keraconjunctivitis) or chronic dry eye is a condition where the immune system suppresses the production of tears and does not keep the eye moist. The green discharge you see is the eyes last resort to protect or attempt to lubricate the eye. Rewetting drops should be used at a minimum of 4 times a day and preferably as often as you can get them in there. I actually like Genteal Eye lubricant to help keep the eyes moist. The cyclosporin may not be enough for her so I would consider trying Tacrolimus since your dog has not responded to the Cyclosporin. You will need to get a prescription for this from your vet. The best bet for your dog would be to visit an opthamolosit. The red spot on her eye may be an old ulcer healing or something more serious like an injury to the cornea. I do have to recommend that she visit the vet to have this looked at as soon as you can because the extreme end result of injuries to the eye like corneal ulcers etc is loss of sight and possibly the loss of the eye itself. The eye is a very sensitive organ and corneal ulcers are very common in dogs with KCS.

Here is a link on KCS which will explain her condition further:

Please let me know if further assistance is needed.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I understand what you are saying but when we first went to the vet which has been about 3 months ago he said it looked like maybe she had an old scratch from an old injury, which we did not know of any old injury, the spot on her eye that has just came in the last couple of days is in the dark part of her eye and is a purple/red color. why would prior the other antibiotics not work when tried twice. It is really a mess now and we have had no antibiotics recently because the vet just seemed like he really did not know why the excessive yellow stuff was there. If he does not know I don't want to see him again. I will try a new vet and the genteal eye lubricant but also when I used the wetting drops her eyes were really liquid then and weeping. Now it is a thick mess.

What can be done if it is an ulcer on the eye. He used a litmus paper and dilated the eye and said nothing seemed unusal on the test.

Does with chronic dry eye will get ulcers because they just don't have enough tear protection. So it is like sandpaper and the eyelid itself will rub an ulcer on the eye. Without seeing the eye it will be hard to tell if this is a healing/scarring area of the eye from an old ulcer or if this is corneal damage which has resulted in a tear in the cornea. This is why it is important to get it checked out. If she has dry eye then while antibiotics may help to an extent the eyelid is still rubbing and she doesn't have the benefit of tears to keep the eye lubricated so ulcers can actually get worse. In these cases surgery is needed. Hopefully this spot is an old scar so that you don't have to get to that point. Things have likely changed from three months ago and she would need to be retested with the flourescein stain, pressure test, and testing for dry eye.

Please let me know if further assistance is needed.

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