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lab: tail between her legs..hind legs..She belly crawls..feel anything

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When I went to let my lab out last night she got extremely scared, tail between her legs and laid on the floor. She wined through the night and now does not seem to want to stand on her hind legs. She belly crawls if she wants to go anywhere, can't seem to see or feel anything wrong. Any suggestions, if she doesn't improve by tomorrow I will take her to the vet.

Getting up gingerly and for short periods sounds like pain and could be spinal pain (disk disease). Assuming she is not currently on any meds (if she is what?), you could try giving her a single adult strength (325mg) aspirin. If it helps, pain is likely the problem. If not, it could still be pain, but could be something else.


Electric shock is another thing that will make dogs scared to move. Stray electricity is once source. Are there any bare wires or does she tend to mouth cords?


Is she eating and drinking normally if you take the food to her?

Has she urinated and/or defecated?

When she gets up, how does she hold her head and tail?


Let me know the answers to the questions and any follow up questions you have at this point.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
She has been eating and drinking if I bring it to her. She has not gone to the bathroom since yesterday around 7:00pm west coast time. When she stand she holds her head down and her tail between her legs as if she is scared or has done something wrong.
As far as I know she hasn't been chewing on any cords.

Pain would be high up on my list of possible causes from what you say. The head down, don't want to move is common with neck pain. Just scared of something is possible, but not likely in an adult lab.


Can you encourage her to get up and go out to the bathroom? If you live in an apartment and this involves stairs, I would probably try putting newspaper down instead and hope she was once paper trained.


Aspirin today and the vet tomorrow would be a reasonable way to go. If she becomes unable to use her legs, an emergency vet would be indicated.

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