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my dog, 1 year old Weimaraner, has bumps on his back and the

Customer Question

my dog, 1 year old Weimaraner, has bumps on his back and the vet said it was allergy related. She wanted to administer a steroidal and histamine shot along with over the counter benedryl for a few days. If i refused the shot, will the allergy go away over time with just Benedryl and for how long should I give him the 25 MG dose, how many times per day?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  weisdvm replied 9 years ago.
Good morning!

Certainly bumps on the back can be caused by allergies. Hives are bumps on the skin caused by an allergic reaction. Bumps can also be a sign of skin infection. I'm hoping that since she did not prescribe an antibiotic that the bumps are more likely hives.

Cortisone medications are a great way to decrease an allergic response. At low doses, cortisone decreases the immune response. Allergies are basically a hyper immune response to a benign stimulus, such as dust or pollen. Cortisone can be given in an injection or by mouth as an oral medication.

Without cortisone, it can certainly take longer for hives to go away. They should indeed go away with time, but the process with be much slower. Antihistamines such as benedryl are great for allergies and have minimal side effects (sedation). The dose of benedryl for a dog is 1mg per pound of body weight given 2-4 times daily.. So, for example, if your Weimaraner is 50 pounds, his dose would be 2 of the 25 mg capsules up to 4 times per day.

If you feel that the benedryl is not doing the trick or wish for a speedier response, try asking your vet if she'll prescribe an oral cortisone such as prednisone. This is a very inexpensive drug and often is less costly than an injection. However, cortisone comes with greater side effects. The obvious side effects are increased thirst, increased urination, increased appetite and, sometimes, panting. If used for a short while, most pets tolerate this medication just fine. If used longer, it can have more lasting side effects. This drug should not be given to dogs with heart problems or diabetes.

Good luck!