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My dog has been diagnosed with IBD and colitis via colonoscopy

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My dog has been diagnosed with IBD and colitis via colonoscopy and endoscopy after abdominal ultrasound showed abnornmalities. We have her on Flagyl, sulfasalazine, Tylan, and methyprednisolone along with a probiotic/enzyme. The problem is in diet. Anything we try to feed her ends up in diarrhea. She has an appetite and wants to drink and when she has the colitis flare, we give her 200 cc lactated Ringers per vet instructions. I have books here on dog diets for GI issues and am seeing a vet nutritionist end of October, her first opening. Meantime, any suggestions for what to feed a dog with such issues? She will not touch eggs, tofu, or cottage cheese and is allergic to beef, venison, chicken, and duck. Thanks!
I have used a diet of pinto beans and rice for this type of IBD. The beans have some fiber that helps to scrape off the intestinal lining. The beans also have some protein that the dog's immune system won't recognize.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I should tell you that eating boiled rice and chicken caused this problem. My dog also wont eat beans, we have tried. She is very finicky and at 15, we are really looking for options for a novel protein she never had and will eat. Can you please elaborate with more assistance please? Thanks.
Have you tried zd diet. Many dogs will eat that. You did not say how long this has been going on or if the dog is losing weight..
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

At 15, she is very unresponsive to change. We have tried Z/D by Hills and she will not eat it, as I understand it has hydrolyzed chicken. She will eat the milk bone treats of Z/D. She has lost 7 pounds and is now 23 pounds. I am looking for sources of protein to try and how or why they will work. I can provide any info you need, but please I am looking for your expert suggestions of proteins that I can try.

Lymphocytic/plasmacytic colitis is definitely allergic. If you have tried all of the common proteins, then you may have to use something like egg whites. If she has a good appetite, then it is just going to be trial and error. It has been my experience that IBD of the colon generally does not result in weight loss. Do you know if they got small intestinal biopsies? Did they do B12 anf Folate assays to see if there is an absorption problem in the small intestine?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Her weight loss is being attributed to her chronic diarrhea. She cant hold food down, so it causes the weight loss. We have seen a specialist who did the colo and endo. Yes, they did run pancreatic assays that were sent to Texas A&M, which did show slightly low cobalamin, so we are starting B12 injections this week. Folate fasting, TLI fasting, and pancreatice lipase immunoreactivity fasting all showed normal but it did say "questionable range" for the pancreatic lipase immunoreactivity fasting. Said she may have pancreatitis but the colonoscopy and endoscopy ruled that out.
You did not say anything about vomiting. She is not on any medication to control nausea and vomiting.   If the small intestine is normal and if she can keep a liquified food down, it will help her put the weight back on. Absorption of nutrients takes place in the small intestine. Sometimes IBD can cause pressure on the stomach, so liquid foods may be the answer for her.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
You are really helping me so thanks. No, there is no vomiting at all involved. Never has been. She was fine up until August 24, 2008, when she ate boiled rice and chicken and has not been the same since. Can you tell me what you mean by a liquid food diet? Examples? I am uncertain of what you mean. Also, can I start her on feeding today or skip today? We were thinking a fish, like salmon perhaps. If you can answer these few more questions, I'd be grateful and will leave feedback. Thanks!
When I say a liquified food, I mean any tolerable food that can be blenderized with water. Liquids move through the intestine much faster than solids, so feeding a blenderized food will provide smaller particle sized food to be absorbed from a NORMAL small intestine.

Any type of edible fish should be OK to feed. We used to use salmon and rice for allergy diets when all of the pet food companies put lamb into their diets.
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