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Donna P.
Donna P., Veterinary Technician
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Can a dog get pregnant if she is not in heat

Resolved Question:

Can a dog get pregnant if she is not in heat?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Donna P. replied 9 years ago.


No a dog cannot get pregnant if it is not in heat. But a female dog will not stand to be bred if she is not in heat. And the male wouldn't try if she is not in heat. So if your dog was bred (tied) - she is in heat. If she was bred there is a good chance she is pregnant. You can check with your vet about possible injections that prevent or disrupt pregnancy if you do not want her to be pregnant.


Donna P.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The thing is, that she has been in heat before and was not showing any of her usual signs. She was not bleeding or spotting and now ever since the incident ( it happened about four hours ago) she has not stopped shaking and acts like she is terrified. Now since it happened she is bleeding quite abit more than her usual menstruation and she will not eat anything,even her treats that she loves.
Expert:  Donna P. replied 9 years ago.

Hello again,

It is possible for them to have one heat that is different than another. I do no believe that it would be possible for a male to penetrate a female if she were not standing. Even a female in heat will only stand during a few days of her 3 week cycle. The male may try repeatedly before and after these days - but they will either just sit down or get really nasty with him. Unless the dog was being held or restrained by someone or something

in a standing position - she would not have bred unless she was ready. Even if she was restrained - a male wouldn't show any interest unless she was in heat. It is possible for a dog to be injured or in pain after mating. Watch her for any signs of hemorrhage (lots of blood flow - constant dripping). This usually only occurs if the tie is forcefully broken. This can also injure the male as well. If she is still acting strange tomorrow you can bring her into the vet for an exam - but there will probably not be a problem. You could get a progesterone test done at the vet as well - this will tell you if she is ovulating. You can also do vaginal smears that will give you an idea where she is at in her cycle. They could also exam her to look for signs of heat - like discharge and a swollen vulva.

Donna P.

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