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I have two dogs, a walker hound and lab mix. both are females

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I have two dogs, a walker hound and lab mix. both are females and they have both been fixed. My problem is the walker hound is a really neurotic dog. When she was a puppy she had not human contact so she is very skittish about everything. when I brought in the new puppy, lab mix, Jessi, she made her that way to. So now I have two dogs that are crazy. I moved closer into town and now I have a problem with them getting out the backyard. I have built a dog kennel and the walker hound, Mandi has chewed the hurrican fence to get out. She then digs out of the gate. I have spent sooo much money on trying to keep these dogs contained. Also, if I leave them in my home they will chew either shoes, or the wood in my home. Nothing is safe. I am at my wit's end. Any suggestions, other than getting rid of them?

HI zenie,

Can you tell me what the kennel is made from? (Wood/wire/chain link) How big is it?


What would the dogs do when it came to the shock system?


Did you train them first before you put the shock fence in place or did you put it in and let them find out on their own what would happen?


Did you test the collars daily to make sure they were working?


What type of obedience training do you do with them daily?


have you ever tried a hot wire?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It is a chain link fence. I don't know how big it is, but it is big enough for them run and play. They would pay attention the the little shock. I tried to train them, but to no avail that wouldn't work. So I put the shock system into place. I then sent them outside and let me discover what it would do. The would just jump back a little bit and then try to dig out. Yes, I tested the collars to make sure they worked. I try to walk the walker hound and she really loves the walking. She is not very good at behaving when there are people around and other dogs. She drags me around. So I try to discpline her. Not sure if I know what I am doing with that. I am thinking about trying the hot wire.

Thank you for that information.

Since the dogs were not properly trained to the under wire fence they found that the shock did not really stop them from getting out just that it may have caused some discomfort for a brief second , but they could still get past that.


I can tell you that the hot wire usually works pretty well and one touch usually keeps dogs from going near it again. The wire itself works as a visual to the dog , unlike an underground fence, but also in the beginning, I tie a piece of plastic bag to the wire or put up surveyor flags near the wire as extra visual. I do believe that this can be attached to a chain link with the proper plastic conductors, if not you can put some small wooden stakes around the fence line and attach it to those with the conductors. Put it low enough to the ground that they will touch it if they go to dig or chew the fence. Walk them around it on a leash and when they get close to it take a long stick and hit the wire just a bit so it moves and tell them no. You want them to notice the wire. Make sure to stay and watch their reaction if they touch it. This is not something you want to just let them out to explore and then leave for work.



I think it would also be beneficial for you to train them daily. At that age a hour training session daily on a leash in the yard should be fine. You can also train a little in the home while you go about your business. When you train heel it is best to do it in a hallway where there are little distractions and not enough room for the dog to go anywhere else so she must stay near you in that respect. I'll direct you to a site to a site that will take you step by step in obedience training and to a site that will show you videos of how it is done.

Don't feed them before you train as you want them to be hungry. Use human food to keep their attention and make is small enough that they can suck it down in one gulp. Any treat that will take time to chew or that will crumble to the ground when chewed will take their attention off of you and you don't want that. Small hot dog pieces or chicken pieces work well.


` Clicker training


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