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can you give activia to dogs

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can you give activia to dogs

I think its likely the low moisture content of the kibble causing you the problem.

You might go with a chicken based grain free kibble and moisten it before feeding so she is getting extra fluids. You can also add a spoon or two of plain canned pumpkin to her food to help the stool stay moist and easy to pass.

While the activia culture works in humans dogs intestinal tracts are set up for eating mostly meat and are too short to benefit much from yogurt. In addition many dogs are intolerant of dairy products once they are weaned.

Innova Evo and Wellness fish and potato are two examples of good dry foods without grains.

Hope this helps you!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I agree with you regarding the low moisture content. That is why I want to go non-grain. I also think you may be right regarding the yogurt. It seems since I added Activia to her diet, that was when she prolapsed again. The problem, is I could not decide whether it was the dry food Chicken Soup for the Soul, or also the Activia. I had her on both at the same time. I had just finally reduced the cooked chicken slowly, and had finally had her on 100% of the Chicken Soup plus Activia. The very next day she got loose stool, and then prolapsed.

I would like to ask if you think adding Pumpkin to her diet would be really beneficial or harm. The reason I ask this is that just when she get ready to prolapse again, her stools become very soft and mushy. When she stops straining, she finally can get the prolapse back in herself. I keep it very lubricated, so that it stays viable. If you can, please advise regarding the non grain and if you think I also should add the pumpkin

Fiber does two things in retaining moisture, it makes the stool easier to pass as it firms it up but it keeps it moist enough to pass easily.

Straining with diarrhea or constipation can increase the odds of prolapse.

How about trying some canned Wellness using one of the diets that uses sweet potato instead of grains? That would give you both the fiber and the moisture plus be a no grain food. If you swap foods do it slowly adding a little more of the new food each meal as you don't want to upset her with a sudden diet change.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I agree that I should use pumpkin or sweet potato. I think she needs the fiber. I have read up on pumpkin, and so far it tells me that i can give her a spoonful every day for the fiber. I then think I should use a grain free kibble. Do you think I should use pumpkin every day to give the fiber and then grain free kibble, plus Merrick has a 100% chicken only of canned. I was thinking since she does so well on natural chicken, that I could give her a formula as follows: grain free kibble, 1 teaspoon of pumpkin, plus 1 tablespoon of 100 % chicken (canned). She is a 11 lbs. Boston. Let me know if the above formula seems alright, so then I can accept your answer. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP.... THANKS,

I apologize for the late reply! I was out for most of the day.

I think you have a pretty good plan in place but that you should slowly change foods. Sudden food changes on a dog with problems can make them worse.

You might also want to read here about inflammatory bowel


NancyH and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I want to thank you so very much for answering my problem. I will make the change of diet very very slowly. I need to get her over the prolapse, then will make the change. I did go to the web-site (medical) regarding her. I think she might be having IBS,,, it seems that she does stress quite easily. Being a breeder of Bostons, I have found especially my show dogs that are so highly bred, are more prone to stress.

I want to accept your answer, you have given me alot of information to work with. Fortunately, I have had some knowledge in dog Nutrition for a long time, having a non-stress kennel. Being an All-Breed Professional Handler for over 30 years, I can tell you, that I have seen the stress that can happen to show dogs. If you have some time, you might visit my web-site (I designed it),,, and you will get to see my Bostons. GO TO: (edited for privacy). Thanks so much for all your help. You definately ROCK!! It is so much harder to have to deal with one of your own beloved pets, than someone else's .

You are very welcome and thanks for your above accept!

Show dog stress is a real issue for sure! (ahem we won't want to talk about show dog owner stress LOL!)

Nice dogs. Smile