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Is there anything I can do to help raise my dogs red blood

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Is there anything I can do to help raise my dogs red blood cell count? My vet said hers is very low and that she has a bad infection. What can I expect or what can I do for her? The vet gave her some ceta drops for infection but, is that all that can be done? Is there an herb or something I can do to help her? What are we talking about here? He really didn't tell me to much that I understood. Will she get better or what? What do I look for to know if I should take her back to the vet? Please help she is my best friend. My angel pup! Thanks

If her red blood cells are low due to a problem with the bone marrow that would be an issue that could cause death but there is no particular reason from what you have written to say that this is her problem.

It sounds like the antibiotic drops are reducing her infection based on her being able to eat some and the lymph node going down.

The liquid iron vitamins help give her the building blocks to make more red blood cells. If she was not on that then you might need a supplement but as it is I'd not do that.

If she seems like she is feeling a bit more active then her body may be making the red blood cells she needs.

You can read about anemia here

From your decription I think you are seeing her getting better on the meds she is on.

I suggest you write down specific questions and bring them to your vet when you go back at the end of the antibiotics. I find that always helps me remember what to ask.

If your dog has gums or tongue that look white, blue, gray or yellow tinted where they are normally pink, has a slow color refill if you press on a pink area of gum or tongue, or is becoming lethargic and non responsive to you then you may want to get the dog in to see your vet again sooner rather than waiting to complete the meds.

Hope this helps you!

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you so, very much. I forgot to tell you the dr. also, put her on predizone pills. Don't know what that is for but, it must be good for her.

You have given me some hope that perhaps she might be ok. After what my friend told me I thought I would have to have her put to sleep and that was just kiling me inside. Thanks you for the hope that maybe with the proper care and meds she might live.

You are very welcome and thanks for your accept.

The prednisone helps with immune system issues and this might be an immune related anemia which can be triggered by an infection. So the combination of the pred and the antibiotic sounds like it is helping her.

I hoep she continues to approve and thanks for your above accept!