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What would be proper dosage of THEOPHYLLINE (.mg amount & how

Customer Question

What would be proper dosage of THEOPHYLLINE (.mg amount & how many times per day or hours between dosages?) to administer to a 9yr.10mo. old Yorkshire Terrier weighing 3 lbs. 10oz.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Candy W. replied 9 years ago.

do you have some Theophylline that was prescribed for your dog?


What signs is your dog having?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Yes, vet prescribed Theophylline tablet as well as: Prednisolone 5mg (1/4 tablet 2 times daily for 3 days then decrease to 1/4 tab. 1x daily for 4 days) and Azithromycin 30 ml - 200mg/5ml (.3 mls orally 1x daily for 10 days)


DDX: Intrathoratic (at tracheal inlet) treacheal collapse.

Additional info: Had successful surgical repair of collapsing treachea April of 2002 until he made goose like sounds again 2 days ago at which time vet put him on Theophylline, and the above meds....


My question is what is the recommended dosage for the Theophylline (tablet) and timing between dosages?


Thank you for your help.


Expert:  Candy W. replied 9 years ago.
For such a small dog, the dose would be about 30mg twice a day or less if not having too much coughing. So you have to give about 1/4 of a 100mg tablet.
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Expert:  Candy W. replied 9 years ago.

What size tablets do you have?


That is the dose I would use for TheoDur tablets. They are the extended release tablets. If you use a generic shorting acting, you would use a lower dose and could give it 3 times per day.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.

He was prescribed Theophyline 200 mg ... Give one-half (1/2) tablet by mouth three times daily (every eight hours) until gone.


He went started having seizures, foaming from mouth, tremors and stopped breathing when we reached emergency 30 mins later.. they tried to revive with no luck.


I'm not sure what to do now... I still haven't cleared from the fog .. is why my response time is lenghty.



Expert:  Candy W. replied 9 years ago.

Oh I am so sorry for your loss of your little guy. So that would be a high dose of Theophylline for a less than 4 pound dog. You could just call up your veterinarian and ask for an appointment to talk with the vet that saw him and tell them what happened and see what they have to say. It is best to talk first.


Here is a website that talks about theophylline.




Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Thank you for your kind words... He was totally human in our eyes.


Are u here certain hours if I need to talk to you again?


I hope u got your payment this time.. i messed it up with wrong card #XXXXX sorry.

Expert:  Candy W. replied 9 years ago.
No I am not here certain hours because I do work, but Wednesdays are my offday so I will usually have the internet going then.