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Category: Dog
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are yorkies barkers or shedders

Resolved Question:

are yorkies barkers? or shedders?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Cher replied 8 years ago.
Hello, and thanks for your question.

Yorkies can be barkers, but can also be taught not to bark, in order to keep this to a minimum. They are not shedders, but their long hair does require grooming quite frequently. Here is more in-depth information re: this beautiful breed, from

"The Yorkshire Terrier seems oblivious of its small size. It is ever eager for adventure. This little dog is highly energetic, brave, loyal and clever. The Yorkie likes to bark, but it can easily be taught not to do so. Affectionate with its master, but if humans are not this dogs pack leader, it can become suspicious of strangers and aggressive to strange dogs and small animals. In other words, it has true Terrier heritage which needs someone who understand how to be it's leader. They are recommended for older, considerate children, simply because they are so small, most people allow them to get away with behaviors no dog should display. This changes the dogs temperament, as the dog starts to take over the house. They will become demanding and dependant and need a lot of human attention as they develop jealous behaviors and become snappish if surprised, frightened or over-teased. They can also become over-protective, and become neurotic. Yorkies are easy to train, although they can sometimes be stubborn if owners do not give the dog proper boundaries. They can be difficult to housebreak. The Yorkie is an excellent watchdog. When owners display pack leadership to the Yorkshire Terrier, they are very sweet and loving and can be trusted with children. The problems only arise when owners, because of the dogs cute little size, allow them to take over the house. The human will not even realize it, however know, if you have any of the negative behaviors listed above, it's time to look into your pack leader skills. These are truly sweet little dogs who need owners who understand how to give them gentle leadership. If you own a Yorkie who does not display any of the negative behaviors, high five for being a good pack leader!

Regular grooming is needed. A clipped coat needs daily to weekly combing and brushing. Topknot is usually tied back with ribbon. Full show coats need hours of grooming. They should have their teeth cleaned regularly. This breed sheds little to no hair."

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