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Can i remove the cone collar on my dog, she was spayed yesterday

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Can i remove the cone collar on my dog, she was spayed yesterday and is having trouble using the stairs with it on
The problem with removing that cone, is that she can remove her stitches in a matter of seconds, if she wishes to.

Some dogs don't need the collar on at all times -- if you are directly supervising her, you can try her without the collar -- and see how she behaves. I would not under any circumstances remove the collar if you won't be around to supervise her.

You can take the collar off for her to eat, go up and down the stairs, go for a walk, etc... but to avoid a costly re-suturing procedure, it's best to not leave her unattended without the collar.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
She is totally listless and won't go out or leave my bedroom, should i not worry about walking her? She wont eat, but does drink a lot, but i cant get her to go out
How old is she?

Was she in heat or pregnant when she was spayed?

Does the incision look OK?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
She is one year old. She had puppies about 8 weeks ago. I just adopted her about 5 days ago. The incision looks fine, and the vet said she did great, but she refuses to go downstairs or outside. Should i carry her outside? I don't want to break her housebreaking.
You can carry her outside, but if she is not eating and is lethargic I would strongly recommend having a veterinarian take a look at her, to make sure that she seems to be OK. Dogs sometimes will just have a slow recovery from anesthesia, but they can also have complications such as bleeding or other problems.
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