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my dog chewed a battery and has a burn on her tongue, she is

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my dog chewed a battery and has a burn on her tongue, she is drewling from the mouth but didnt swallow the battery? what can i do? she is drinking milk ok and water


Welcome to Just Answer! I would like to help you and your dog but need a bit more information in order to better assist you.


How long ago did she chew on the battery?


What type of battery was it?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
its a aerocell super alkaline AA, 1,5 battery, she made a hole in it then droped it. but im only just in from work and my daughter didnt know untill now when she found the battery
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
she is not herself and dont cope with pain very well, i can not get an emergency vet hear in ireland at this time of night, is there anything i can do for her? please

Sorry for the delay - computer problems...

How many hours ago could it potentially have been?

How much does the dog weigh?

does the dog have any other health problems?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

it must have been about 4 hrs ago, she is the size of a small jack russel terrier, she shakes after exersise for a few hours but the vet says she is ok

ThanksCustomerfor that additional information!


As you no doubt realize, alkaline batteries can cause BURNS if punctured. They can be serious. It is a relief that she did not swallow this, as this type of burn is much more serious in the esophagus than in the mouth.


You are doing the right thing to give her milk. You can give her a mixture of 50:50 water and milk - 1/2 cup NOW and then 2 tablespoons every 15 minutes. If you have lactose free milk that is even better, as the lactose can cause diarrhea tomorrow otherwise.



You may be able to give some aspirin (ASA, acetylsalicylic acid) as long as she has no history of kidney problems and is not on other medications. Please use Buffered Aspirin if you have it, and give it with a piece of bread or something low-fat to eat, not on an empty stomach.


Here are links that tell you about it, with precautions and dose:


You need to get your dog to the vet ASAP to get some sucralfate which is acts like a bandaid for damaged mucus membranes. The sucralfate can be given in pill or milkshake form and will help to protect the stomach and intestines.


When you get the dog to the vet, he or she will do a complete oral exam looking for burns. However, pain, inflammation, redness and swelling may not be visible for 2-4 hours after the battery was eaten. The full extent of the injury won't be known for 12 hours after exposure as the corrosive burns take that long to show up.


Treatment of burns in the mucosa should include antibiotics, pain medication as needed, gastrointestinal protectants (e.g. sucralfate), anti-inflammatories (corticosteroid use is controversial) and general supportive care.


In cases with severe oral burns or esophageal burns, your veterinarian may have to place a feeding tube into the dog's stomach so that food and water can be given to her through this tube while the mucosa heals. This can take weeks. There is a risk of a stricture or narrowing forming in the esophagus.


So, in summary, this may be a fairly serious depending on the extent of the burns. Please do get your dog to your vet promptly as soon as they open!




If this has been helpful, please hit the green "Accept" button, and leave feedback. I will still be here to provide more information if you need it.

Good luck, and please let me know what happens!



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thanks for the advice, i have given her half an asprin and she has just had more milk and a little cheese, she wants to get sick but dosnt seem able. i have all batterys accounted for so i know she did not eat one. thanks again .

Aw, poor girl!

Just stick with the one dose of aspirin to get her through the night, and do mention giving it to your vet tomorrow. Continuing the aspirin will prevent your vet from giving more effective medications tomorrow.


It might be best to hold off on any more food/milk/water for now so that her stomach can settle.


Poor little dog - I have had a tiny ulcer in my mouth before and it was very painful. I can only imagine how sore this must be for her!

Best wishes to you both..

and thank you for accepting my answer and for the generous bonus - much appreciated!


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no bother and thank you. if it was a horse i would know what to do ha ha , but she beat the odds and i hand fed her from 4 days so she is like my baby, very spoilt but worth it. thanks again.

LOL! Well, even though I am a vet, I have to admit that I would not have a clue what to do with a horse! Haven't touched one since vet school, 14 years ago. Loved working with them, but it's a whole other world! ;-)

Hope your little dog is ok with some treatment!