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My dogs ear is red and irritated. She keeps scratching and

Customer Question

My dog's ear is red and irritated. She keeps scratching and shaking her head. It is very raw and was wondering if there is something to put on her ear until I can get her to the vet.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Pet Doc replied 9 years ago.

Hi thereCustomer


Thank you for your question regarding your shepherd cross and her itchy ear! There are a number of things that could be going here from ear mites, to yeast or bacterial otitis externa and you should, for this reason, definitely visit your local Vet when you next can this coming week. He or she will check the patency of the ear drum and the external ear canal to ensure that everything is in order. If there is a lot of discharge, he or she may even want to take a swab or smear from the ear. A lot of the time young Shepherds get very irritated because they have long strands of hair that grow from deep down within their external ear canals - these should be reguarly plucked either by you, your groomer or your Vet.


In the mean time there are several things you can do. Firstly - have a go at plucking the hairs that are coming out of your dog's ear canal if there are a few. Particularly the ones growing deep within the canal. Use either you fingers or some small forceps. You can also purchase some ear cleaning solution from you local pet store. There are several different brands here including epi-otic and oto-cleanse. You need to follow the instructions here and be sure to give the entire ear canal a good massage after applying the solution (from the outside). Please see: for more information on how to do this properly

You should also have treated your girl using a good earmite product such as Advantage Multi - normal advantage will not kill these ear mites. These three things will definitely put you in good stead for your Vet visit and hopefully give you girl some temporary relief until an exact diagnosis can be made and some ear ointment prescribed.


Best of luck with your girl and please get to the Vet when you next can. Please keep me updated with your progress!!


Thank you for your question and please now click ACCEPT.


Kind Regards,


Dr M D Edwards