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My yorkie keeps coughing and sneezing. Is it possible he might

Resolved Question:

My yorkie keeps coughing and sneezing. Is it possible he might have   seasonal allergies. Today is 9/1/08 and it is about 10 days that   this is happening. The cough is almost as if he is gagging. We were also thinking if it is possible for him to have hair balls as he tends to lick himself on a daily basis as if he were cleaning himself like cats do. Sometimes when he coughs he vomits saliva and there is hair in it. We do have a cat also.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  NancyH replied 9 years ago.

Usually dogs with seasonal allergies have itchy skin and ear infections rather than coughing or sneezing.

You can read about allergies and dermatitis in dogs here
It sounds like your dog might have either kennel cough

or canine influenza

If you think that is it then you can see if some Robitussin DM will help the dog breathe better and control any cough or sneezing or runny nose. Read here about cautions and dose info

If you see a colored discharge from nose or eyes, if your dog coughs stuff up, seems lethargic, has any real trouble with breathing, or goes off eating, see your vet as your pet may have a secondary bacterial infection that will need antibiotics or other meds.

This breed can also have problems with the trachea which you can read about here

Hope this helps you!

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