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My dog has yellow feces, what does that mean

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I took my dog to the emergency room vet on 8/18/08 at 8:40pm because she was gagging and throwing up white phlem(4 times) with a trace of blood (1 time). The doctor said she needed x-rays and they were taken. They showed bones in her stomach and they were eaten during the day- cooked steak bones. He said that I should get more X-rays the next day to see if the bones passed. I never got the X-Rays done the next day, I wanted to see if the bones would pass on their own. I had already spent $675.00 for the emergency room visit and did not want to spend another $400.00 or so for x-rays at my regular vets office. So I waited and she has been pooping, but very very little.

She did not eat for dinner on 8/18 or had no water aor food all day 8/19. On 8/20 she pooped a couple of times but it was very very little. Could that be because she was not eating for 1.5 daysTonight she pooped and it was yellow and I stuck a stick in it and it was sort of powdery, yellow powder, sort of.
Let me ask a few questions:

Was this last stool tonight normal?

How is she acting?

Any vomiting?

Did she eat today?

Does she seem painful to you?

Thank you

Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Hi Theresa,


Thank you for responding to my question.


The last stool was the yellow stool. All the stools before that were pretty normal but very small amounts. There has been no vomiting and she has been acting normal. She seems fine to me. She has been eating normally since Tuesday night. I have been feeding her steamed chick and white rice. The vet even said that he thought she had no pain when he examined her.



The consistency of the stool is related to the bones she has eaten. Bones actually do break down over a period of several days and it comes out in the stool almost sXXXXX XXXXXke in appearance. The color and form of the stool is consistent with that of recent bone ingestion. Just keep monitoring her but I am sure she is going to pass these just fine if she has done so well already.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you sooo much Theresa.