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My dog has a bruise on her left front leg under the white fur.

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My dog has a bruise on her left front leg under the white fur. The bruise is black and on the joint. The sides of her "thumb" are also bruised on the same leg. She is austrailian shepard mutt. Last week she was wimpering when trying to jump up to say hello. We thought she had pulled her hind leg(s) and took her to the vet. He examined her back legs, she did not whimper but ears were back. He said she was tight but didn't feel any dislocation. Prescribed doggie muscle relaxers for ten days. she has never been seen limping and has not whimpered since. i noticed the bruising last night. She was taken to the vet 5 days ago. Is she going to be okay? She is 6 years old and I want her to be healthy for 10 more at least. I have always taken very good care of her (shots, food, walks, teeth, ect.)



The bruising and history of pain in the leg are certainly consistent with trauma. If she is walking around ok, likely nothing is broken or dislocated so a muscle pull/strain or joint strain is a possibility.


With the bruising though, I would want to rule out any possibility of a bleeding disorder. The bruising you are describing could be from a decreased ability to clot. If she had bled into a muscle or joint, that would certainly cause her leg to hurt. If your veterinarian did bloodwork, he should have a platelet count - double check that this is normal. When testing ability to clot the blood, you will also need to check a coagulation profile - these tests are the prothrombin time and partial thromboplastin time (better known as PT and PTT).


Is there any possibility that she could have gotten into rat poison, even on someone else's property when you were not looking. Have you seen any ticks on her?


Check her gums, the inside of her ears, and her belly. Do you see any other bruises or small pinpoint red spots. Those are a sign of a bleeding disorder.


If due to trauma and the signs are mild, she should be fine. I don't want to alarm you unnecessarily, but in the interest of being thorough - if she has a bleeding disorder, you need to address that right away.




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