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Terri Riba
Terri Riba, Healthcare Expert
Category: Dog
Satisfied Customers: 32666
Experience:  Expert in canine health and behavior. 20 years of experience with dogs
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my great dane just ate a fried chicken leg and bone before

Customer Question

my great dane just ate a fried chicken leg and bone before i could get it away from him? should i be concerned?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Terri Riba replied 9 years ago.

Dear Ron,



A dog his size SHOULD be able to pass this since it was eaten whole.. However, you must watch him carefully for 30 hours

Do not make him throw up/it can do more damage coming back up.


Immediately give hi some spongy food like cottage cheese,fiber bread, pasta, mashed potatoes to try and push it through. You can also put a dollup of plain vaseline on his paw for him to lick off.

ASAP sprinkle a half teaspoon of metimucil on his food just in case of anything jagged That will make a cocoon around it and protect her GI tract.

Chicken bones can splinter and tear her intestines or stomach so you have to be very alert for trouble.

It can take up to 30 hours to pass it. Keep an eye on his stool to make sure he does. If he develpes any constipation or abdominal pain, lethargy or pale gums blood in stool or in vomit he should be seen ASAP or will not eat or vomits food back up.

I will be here so please let me know how he is and when it passes.

I hope your boy will be fine.


Very sincerely,