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My German Shepherd is very sick but after spending ...

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My German Shepherd is very sick but after spending thousands the vet and vet hospital don't know what it is they say she has a heart arithmia and a severe urinary tract infection. For about 5 days she wouldn't eat or drink. She was having nose bleeds. She was so ill that she would lay in her own urine. She was very active before 02/07/08. She has had three doses of human antibiotic and human heart med. and still no better. We have been turning her every couple hours to keep her from getting sores. I am positive it's toxic mold but they don't know anything about it. Where can we get her a mycotoxin test at or where can we send it. She has to be carried to go out side to potty. She is lethargic and doesn't do anything but lay on her bed. She has nose bleeds and mini seisures and her ears really bother her. She also acts confused like she doesn't know me, not in a mean way but a brain damage way, like dementia. She will lay really weird just to drain her ears. She has been bad since 02/07/08. She has allergies already and I am sure this is toxic mold because my cat died a month after I started working at AAA Ohio Auto Club and then my dog got sick about 5 weeks later. My doctor took me off work 3 weeks ago for toxic mold, they are sending me to a nerologist because I'v had several antibiotics and steroids and ultrasounds,and xrays and they can't find anything. They put me on an antifungal and my head is hurting less but I still have sinusits and bad ear infection. Since I've been out of the work enviroment she has improved, Last week she started moving around more and now she walks on her own. Still very slow but we almost put her down. She was 85 lbs. and now about 75lbs. I've also lost about 10 lbs. What is the best treatment for Toxic Mold. PLEASE HELP, I am broke she wiped out my savings.
Hi Scott here, we can't diagnose or suggest treatments, but I hope I can help. When you say toxic mold are you referring to mycotoxins such as on wet corn (dog food), or black molds such as what grows on plaster and wood after being wet?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Reply to Scott's Post: black mold such as Aspergillus or possibly Stachybotrys I have several pictures of the mold may I e-mail them to you?

There are drugs to treat aspergillus, German Shepherds are actually predisposed the infections. They are one of the breeds that get the fungus in the nose. There is a blood test to determine if that is the culprit. For inhalation of most molds, air flitration and elimination of the spores is needed. You might consult with the local public health authority. Most counties have an employed doctor to help with these problems. This sounds like a problem that needs specialist consultations.

For problems that are over my head as a general practitioner, I usually consult with veterinary school doctors or other specialists because I have found it takes several minds to solve some problems.

In some places there are people that will come into your house and inspect for toxic mold in the walls.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My vet is not aware of this or how to test it. Med Vet Hospital didn't find it either, but I'm am being treated for toxic black mold fungus with antifungal med. that was picked up from my work place. She is slowly responding better since I've been out of work. I have called the Health Dept., OSHA, EPA and the CDC and no one will go test the mold that is making us sick I have an attorney but it's a big waiting game and I don't want to chance loosing her. My cat has already died. Where can my vet send the blood sample?
Some labs have Aspergillus titers, or antibody level measurements. It would be likely if you are unable to get your vets lab to perform the test then a university veterinary lab should be able to... I have not run one in several years but it used to be routine in german shepherds with nasal problems. A national veterinary lab called Idexx, runs the test, but your vet may need an account. The test code is # XXXXX requires 1 ml serum, 48 hour turn around time, 1800(NNN) NNN-NNNN However, most labs run this test, unless it is a small local veterinary lab or all testing is done in house. Good luck.
Good luck with this. I think if your certain its a mold type problem someone that does home inspections for these problems is needed. We all know how devastating the mold was in New Orleans after Katrina. I hope this goes better for you! Have you done a google search for "toxic mold screening?"